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Keeping the house clean can be a challenge, but our ratings can help. Use our website to compare well known cleaning product brands – everything from dishwasher detergents to disposable nappies.

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dog in car

How to keep your pet safe in the car

For many, a pet is part of the family - so make sure you keep them safe when you hit the road. Here are some tips on looking after pets on your next drive.

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Cheap ways to clean your house

Save money on cleaning products with these simple DIY solutions.

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skylight window in house

Dark room? Go sky high with a skylight

There are plenty of things to consider before buying a skylight – the cost, the type, the size and the position. Chris Godden explains.

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Wooden Window frame

Everything you need to know about double glazing

Double glazing can save you money on power bills, but there are a few things you need to know. Chris Godden explains all.

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How to make your own household cleaners

You probably don’t own a specific household cleaner for every situation. So why not make your own using these simple recipes.

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