Security camera guide- Keeping an eye on your home

Security camera guide: Keeping an eye on your home

Posted by November 18th 2019

Security cameras are arriving to market with an ever-evolving range of features, allowing householders to keep an eye on what is happening both inside and outside of their residence, with the capacity to both record …

Android TV, Regular TV & Smart TV: What’s the difference?

Posted by October 24th 2019

The rise of the internet and mobile apps have led to technological advancements in consumer electronics. Android TVs and Smart TVs are now all the rage, as television sets have become more intelligent and complex. …

What are the best electric heaters in NZ?

Posted by September 13th 2018

Efficient home heating is key to staying warm and healthy in winter. While there are ways you can limit heating electricity costs, not every household is able to install a heatpump or wood pallet fire, …

Peak Electricity Demand Explained

Posted by September 13th 2018

Energy efficiency should, of course, be a priority for households seeking to drive down their electricity costs, and using energy efficient products, along with paying particular attention to patterns of usage, will assist in reducing …

Keeping costs down with energy efficient appliances

Posted by September 13th 2018

The costs of running household appliances can quickly add up, however Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) figures released towards the end of last year show that New Zealanders are benefiting by seeking out energy …

Smart Home Security Explained

Posted by September 13th 2018

As the smart home continues to evolve amid the soaring growth of the Internet of Things, a range of smart home security devices and systems have been arriving to market, providing householders various functions, including …

The biometric scanners keeping your tech safe

Posted by August 23rd 2018

From fingerprint to iris scanners, biometric verification is becoming an increasingly standard smartphone feature, utilised across a range of applications.

What are spot price electricity tariffs?

Posted by August 30th 2018

Whether a spot price electricity tariff is right for your household will depend upon a range of factors, with it worthwhile researching all of your options.