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Best Bar Fridges NZ

If your kitchen fridge is running low on space, or you want to keep your chilled drinks close to where you socialise at home, a bar fridge could be your best friend. So, what are the best bar fridges in NZ? Canstar explores your options.

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What is a bar fridge?

A bar fridge, also known as a mini fridge, is a smaller-sized refrigerator designed for use in bars, offices, dorm rooms, bedrooms, or other locations where space is limited. It typically has a smaller storage capacity compared to regular refrigerators and is convenient for storing beverages, snacks, or small amounts of food. Bar fridges often come with features like adjustable shelving, a small freezer compartment, and may have a glass door for easy visibility of contents.

What temperature should my bar fridge be?

The recommended temperature for a bar fridge or compact refrigerator typically ranges between 0°C and 4.4°C. This temperature range helps ensure that perishable foods are stored at a safe temperature to prevent bacterial growth and spoilage.

It’s important to check the specific temperature settings and guidelines provided by the manufacturer of your bar fridge, as different models may have slightly different recommended temperature ranges. Some bar fridges have a freezer compartment, and the temperature in that compartment may be colder, often around -18°C.

Regularly monitoring and adjusting the temperature settings of your bar fridge will help maintain the freshness and safety of the stored items.

Best budget bar fridges

Hisense HRBF45

Hisense HRBF45 ($255)

The Hisense HRBF45 offers ample interior space to store all of your essentials. Plus, it comes with an adjustable temperature control, a manual cooling system, a large bottle bin, and a reversible door hinge to suit your needs.


  • 45L capacity
  • H 500mm x W 445mm x D 468mm
  • Manual cooling system
  • Reversible door
  • White anodised lining
  • Defrost drain system
Haier HRF50UW

Haier HRF50UW ($339)

Offering a 46L capacity, the Haier HRF50UW is the ideal size for tight spaces. Featuring a reversible door hinge design, it allows your to choose whether you want your fridge to open to the left or the right. A subtle recessed handle helps to creates a streamlined finish.

  • 48L capacity
  • H 510mm x W 440mm x D 465mm
  • One wire shelf
  • Full width door rack
  • Reversible door



Best mid-range bar fridges

Hisense HRBF125S

Hisense HRBF125S ($368)

Small but mighty, the Hisense 125L bar fridge is the perfect addition to any modern home. Boasting a compact design and ample storage, it’s perfect for storing your favourite beverages, keeping them perfectly chilled and preserved for longer. It also comes with an adjustable temperature control, a manual cooling system, and a reversible door hinge to suit your needs.


  • 125L capacity
  • H 840mm x W 475mm x D 556mm
  • 10-43°C temperature range
  • Compartments: 1 x Drawer, 1 x Bottle Bin, 2 x Bottle Holders, 1 x Shallow Bin, 1 x Fruit and Vegetable Bin
  • Adjustable feet and front rollers
  • Recessed handle
  • Defrost drain system
Haier HRF130UW

Haier HRF130UW ($399)

This appliance features mechanical temperature control and a set of handy organisers to accommodate your various food storage needs. Compact and efficient, Haier’s bar fridge makes a great storage solution for small and medium households.


  • 126L capacity
  • H 828mm x W 495mm x D 560mm
  • Reversible door
  • Manual defrost
  • Adjustable feet


Best high-end bar fridges

Tuscany TBF124WH

Tuscany TBF124WH ($499)

The Tuscany bar fridge freezer is a perfect little companion that’s great for storing food as well as drinks.


  • 124L capacity
  • H 840mm x W 500mm x D 560mm
  • Crisper drawer with glass cover
  • Adjustment thermostat
  • Reversible door
  • Wire shelves
  • Ice box
Euromaid EBC178IB

Euromaid EBC178IB ($1599)

The Euromaid EBC178IB is a top-of-the-line, large capacity bar fridge. Its impressive 135L capacity features room for 178 cans! Extra features including LED lighting and chrome wire racks add to this fridge’s luxury.


  • 135L capacity
  • H 820mm x W 595mm x D 570mm
  • 0-10ºC  temperature range
  • Chrome wire racks
  • Fan cooling
  • Electronic temperature control
  • White LED lighting
  • Double glazed door
  • Recessed handle

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