Best Cheap Coffee Machines in 2022

Best Cheap Coffee Machines in 2022

Are you stirring around looking for a budget-friendly coffee machine that will help you make barista-quality cuppas at home? If so, we’ve whipped up a ‘fa-brew-lous’ list of the best cheap coffee machines worth checking out.

Best cheap coffee machines in 2022

Good coffee machines don’t come cheap, and cheap coffee machines aren’t good – right? Wrong! Sure, you won’t be able to get the best machine on the market, or one akin to that of your local cafe, but for those on a budget, there are still plenty of great options. So check out these great affordable options for less than $300!

  1. Nescafe Dolce Gusto Piccolo XS Coffee Machine: $99 RRP*
  2. Kmart Espresso Machine: $109 RRP*
  3. Nespresso Essenza Mini: $179 RRP*
  4. DeLonghi Dedica Pump: $249 RRP*
  5. Sunbeam Mini Barista: $299 RRP*

*Prices are taken from retailer websites and are accurate at the time of writing (August 2022). They should be used as a guide only and not considered an official quote.

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 cheap coffee machines - Nescafe Dolce Gusto Piccolo XS

Nescafe Dolce Gusto Piccolo XS Coffee Machine

This Nescafe pod coffee machine has a tiny footprint, and is designed to fit in even the smallest of kitchens. Available in both black and white to suit different aesthetics, it has options for hot or cold beverages and over 15 coffee creations to choose from. It can create a thick and velvety crema with a high-pressure system of 15 bars. The eco-mode feature turns off the unit after one minute of inactivity, which means that you don’t have to worry about whether you left it on.

Plus, isn’t that just the cutest coffee machine you’ve ever seen?!

Kmart coffee machine

Kmart Espresso Machine

An improved version of its predecessor, this Kmart Espresso Machine features a 15-bar pressure pump (ideal for achieving a great espresso shot), a warming plate for coffee cup pre-heating (hello luxury), options for both single and double espresso shots, and a detachable water tank, frothing nozzle, and drip tray for easy cleaning (and filling).

Online reviews are mostly positive; however, some shoppers weren’t impressed with the time it takes for the temperature to change from making the espresso shot to frothing the milk – not ideal if you’re making more than one coffee.

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Nespresso Essenza Mini: DeLonghi and Breville

best coffee machines - Nespresso DeLonghi Essenza Mini
Nespresso DeLonghi Essenza Mini

Nespresso partners with both DeLonghi and Breville to produce these two coffee machines. While there are no differences to the machines’ key components and internal workings, there are subtle design differences. Both are regularly available and are essentially the same machine, so feel free to take your pick of the one you like the look of more!

best coffee machines - Nespresso Breville Essenza Mini
Nespresso Breville Essenza Mini

Boasting a 19-bar pressure pump, and auto piercing and brewing of capsules, this minimalist machine extracts maximum flavour from coffee capsules. It features a 25-second heat-up time, two programmable cup sizes for espresso and lungo coffees, an energy-saving feature that turns the machine off after nine minutes, and comes with your standard drip tray and Thermoblock. Online reviews are mostly positive, with people raving about how quiet it is in comparison to other coffee machines.


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DeLonghi Dedica Pump coffee machine

DeLonghi Dedica Pump

This coffee machine is a fan favourite. It’s compact and stylish – perfect for the countertop – and makes a great cup of coffee with little fuss. It’s a straightforward machine that doesn’t come with a heap of features, (though it does have a coffee cup warmer tray) which makes it great for beginners.

Its 15-bar pressure pump makes a great shot, and the 40-second heating time is reasonable. Customers are plenty happy with the results, but the design is where it receives the most praise. Not just for how great it looks (and the fact they managed to squeeze in a milk wand) but for its durable steel frame and compact size. In fact, it looks more comparable to a capsule coffee machine than an espresso machine.

Of course, a machine of this quality at this price, and with such a compact design has some drawbacks. Namely, you’ll need to purchase most of your necessary accessories separately, such as a grinder, or even a tamper. Though it does include a flat-ended plastic scoop that can be used as a tamper, for those who are less fussy.

Sunbeam coffee machine

Sunbeam Mini Barista

This is probably the closest you can get to a proper espresso machine at this price point. But even then, it stops short of having the built-in grinder you expect on costlier appliances, such as the excellent (and cheap for what it is, at under $800) Breville Barista Express.

The Sunbeam Mini Barista has a more traditional design than the DeLonghi Dedica and lets you switch between a 30ml single shot and a 60ml double shot with the flick of a switch. This is particularly handy for us Kiwis, as a double shot is actually the standard in most Long Blacks and Flat Whites found at cafes.

Customers have raved about the simplicity of the machine and the café-quality results.

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Why, because if you’re looking to better manage your finances, whether to pay off a personal loan, save for a mortgage or even put more cash towards your investments, you’ll want (or need) to cut back on some unnecessary spending. That might be a few less cups of coffee, or it might be finding a cheaper phone, broadband, or electricity plan.

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