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charging a plug-in hybrid

Charging a Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV): What do You Need?

Posted by January 25th 2022

If you're considering making your next car a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) you're by no means alone. Government statistics show that sales have been on an upswing since last year's introduction of the Clean …

energy efficient home

How to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Posted by January 24th 2022

How can I make my home more energy efficient? 1. Orientation to the sun This energy-saving tip isn't of much use if you're reading this in an already established home. But bear with us. There are plenty …

how to clean your dishwasher

How to Clean Your Dishwasher

Posted by January 20th 2022

Author: Megan Birot It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking your dishwasher is a self-cleaning appliance. How can it possibly be dirty when it’s the one keeping all your dishes sparkling clean? The reality …

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE woman holding phone

Samsung Releases New, Lower-Priced Galaxy S21 FE

Posted by January 14th 2022

Following on from 2020’s Galaxy S20 FE smartphone, the S21 FE incorporates ‘fan favourite’ aspects of the high-end S21 series in a more affordable package, including pro-grade cameras, 5G connectivity and all-day battery life. The ‘fan …

Best solar battery storage

Best Solar Battery Storage for Your Home

Posted by January 24th 2022

Author: Kelseigh Wrigley As the energy market continues to develop rapidly, the interest in solar energy storage, or solar batteries, continues to peak. But as more solar brands and models come onto the market, finding the …

best fans for summer

The Best Fans for Summer

Posted by January 11th 2022

The summer months are the best time of year for long days at the beach and BBQs in the evenings. But all those pink skies and days off can paint over the less appealing parts …

outdoor window cleaners

New Zealand’s Favourite Outdoor Window Cleaners

Posted by December 14th 2021

A house with a million-dollar view is a dream many of us hope to achieve. Large clean windows soaking in the afternoon sun, overlooking the sea or mountains or a lush backyard. But even for …

outdoor surface cleaners

New Zealand’s Best Outdoor Surface Cleaners

Posted by December 17th 2021

Dirty driveways, mossy pavers, cobwebs on weatherboards – there's always a multitude of cleaning jobs that need to be done around the home that can all too quickly swallow up weekends. But if you've a list …

Les Mills: New Zealand’s Favourite Gym

Posted by December 10th 2021

Gyms have become a staple of many Kiwis' schedules. Whether we make a quick trip on a lunch break, endure a full session after work, or just sneak a guilty trip on the treadmill after …

New Zealand’s Best Car Servicing Provider Revealed

Posted by January 10th 2022

Sometimes servicing your car can seem like an expensive chore. If you're facing everyday bills and costs, changing the filters on your car's A/C won't be a priority. But regularly car servicing is key to …