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Should I Upgrade My Phone?

Posted by May 30th 2024

A phone is an essential part of everyday life. But they can be expensive and knowing when to upgrade can be tough. In this article, Canstar Blue provides a guide to buying a new phone. Should …

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The Best SuperGold Deals: Broadband & Phone Plans for Seniors

Posted by November 1st 2023

A SuperGold card is packed full of super benefits and discounts beyond just free public transport. It can even help you stay connected by earning exclusive discounts on phone and broadband plans! What’s on offer? The SuperGold …

Cheapest Electric Blankets For Winter

Posted by May 31st 2023

Author: Megan Birot If you’re looking to keep it hot in the bedroom this winter, an electric blanket may just be the sleeping companion you didn’t know you needed. An electric blanket is perfect for warming …

Best Dryers in NZ: Full Buying Guide 

Best Dryers in NZ: Ultimate Buying Guide 

Posted by May 3rd 2023

If you’re in the market for a new clothes dryer, apart from discovering the best appliance brand, what do you need to consider before making your purchase? Canstar Blue walks you through all you need …

Best Rural Broadband Plans NZ

Best Rural Broadband Plans NZ

Posted by June 15th 2023

What is rural broadband? Rural broadband refers to specific broadband products (most commonly wireless broadband) catered for those outside of the standard broadband network. For example, while fibre is by far the go-to option for most urbanites, …

What Is a kWh and ‘Watt’ Does It Cost You?

What Is a kWh and ‘Watt’ Does It Cost You?

Posted by June 16th 2023

Author: Kelseigh Wrigley You may have noticed on your power bill that you are charged per ‘kWh’ for electricity – but what does that mean? It can be pretty tricky to wrap your head around some …

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PlayStation 5: Where to Buy the PS5

Posted by July 20th 2023

You wouldn't know it, but the PlayStation 5 has been on shelves for well over two years now. Released way back in November 2020 the reality for most is that it feels more like the …

No-Contract Broadband Plans NZ

No-contract Broadband Plans NZ

Posted by December 12th 2023

Open-term (no-contract) vs. fixed-term (contract) broadband As you'll see from the plans below, even on an open-term broadband plan there are still plenty of deals to be had. Especially if you bundle your phone plan with …

How to Save money on Broadband: Tips, Tricks, and Plans.

How to Save Money on Broadband: Tips, Tricks, and Plans

Posted by December 12th 2023

Saving money on broadband isn't always easy, as broadband prices, plans, and deals are always changing. You think you have the best deal, only for another provider to slash its prices or throw in a …