Most Energy-Efficient Dishwashers

Energy-efficient appliances are good for both your wallet, and the environment. Canstar Blue takes a look at the most energy-efficient dishwashers you can buy in New Zealand.

The cost of running household appliances quickly adds up. If you’re looking to save money, or reduce your carbon footprint, taking into account the energy usage of your appliances is crucial, as the energy efficiency of your appliances can play a big role in the ongoing electricity costs of your home. And while dishwashers are not the biggest culprits in guzzling your home’s power, they are one of the most-used whiteware appliances. Daily loads of dirty dishes soon add up to increased water and energy consumption.

So if you’re in the hunt for a new washing machine, it pays to consider just how energy-efficient it is.

Most energy-efficient dishwashers

What do you mean by energy-efficient?

Appliances in New Zealand are given an energy star rating out of six. The higher the stars, the more energy-efficient an appliance is considered. Meaning, it sucks up less power when in use.

The water efficiency labelling scheme (WELS) is also used to measure relevant appliances’ water consumption. Like the energy star rating, the WELS is measured out of six stars.

A dishwasher with both high energy efficiency and water efficiency will use less power and water while in use. Not only will this save you money, but it will help reduce the carbon footprint of your machine.

The most energy-efficient dishwashers

To help you in your hunt for a new washer, we’ve listed some of the most energy-efficient dishwashers, currently available, in order of lowest annual running costs.

Annual running costs are estimated on the assumption of one load daily, and have been sourced via Gen Less’ Efficient Appliance Calculator. Estimations* have been made where annual running costs are not available.

1. Fisher and Paykel DD60DAX9 ($1999)

  • Annual running costs: $33
  • Energy star rating: 3.5
  • WELS: 4.5
  • Place settings: 14
  • Double draw

2. Eurotech ED-DDCSS ($1899)

  • Annual running costs: $34
  • Energy star rating: 3.5
  • WELS: 4.5
  • Place settings: 14
  • Double draw

3. Fisher and Paykel DD60DAW9 ($1891)

  • Annual running costs: $34
  • Energy star rating: 3.5
  • WELS: 4.5
  • Place settings: 14
  • Double draw

4. Miele G5210SCCLST

  • Annual running costs: $47
  • Energy star rating: 4.5
  • WELS: 6
  • Place settings: 14
  • Double draw

5. Omega ODW300XN ($879)

  • Annual running costs: $47
  • Energy star rating: 3.5
  • WELS: 3.5
  • Place settings: 10
  • Single draw

The most energy-efficient dishwasher: budget

An energy-efficient dishwasher doesn’t have to break the bank. While the cheapest dishwashers on offer tend to be less environmentally friendly, there are some affordable energy-efficient models available.

Tuscanny TD60-12P.1WH most energy-efficient dishwashers
Tuscanny TD60-12P.1WH dishwasher

Tuscanny TD60-12P.1WH ($649)

  • Annual running costs: $64*
  • Energy star rating: 3
  • WELS: 4
  • Place settings: 12
  • Single draw

The most energy-efficient dishwashers: small and large capacity

Whether you live in a small apartment, where space is at a premium, or you have a large family who likes to use a clean cup for every drink of water, you can find a dishwasher that is right for you.

Dishwasher capacity is measured by place settings. One place setting consists of a large dinner plate, a small snack plate, a saucer, a bowl, a coffee cup, a drinking glass, a knife, two teaspoons, a dinner fork and a small salad fork. In other words, all the dishes required for setting one place at the table.

Small capacity

BEKO BDF1620X most energy-efficient dishwashers
BEKO BDF1620X dishwasher

Midea 340454

  • Annual running costs: $51*
  • Energy star rating: 3
  • WELS: 3
  • Place settings: 9
  • Single draw

Large capacity

BEKO BDF1620X ($1199)

  • Annual running costs: $66
  • Energy star rating: 4
  • WELS: 5
  • Place settings: 16
  • Single draw

How can I lower the energy use of my dishwasher?

There are plenty of little tips and tricks to help limit the amount of power used by your dishwasher. A few to try are:

  • Fill it up before you run it. If you have to run it half-full, use a half-load setting, if available
  • Clean the filter regularly. Use a brush and hot soapy water. Check the spray-arm holes aren’t clogged
  • Match the setting to the load. If you have an eco setting, try it for less-dirty dishes and save the default setting for nasty loads

Finding the best power provider

While energy-efficient appliances are a great way to save you money, you also need to be getting a good deal on your power. While less than half of Kiwis believe they are getting a good deal on their power, only 12% of us have actually changed our electricity provider in the last 12-months.

Ultimately, finding affordable power involves shopping around. And the fact that you’re reading this means that you’re already on the right track to finding a great deal on power. But when comparing power companies, it’s important to consider the broader picture – don’t become too focused on finding a deal with a big prompt payment discount or special perk. Be sure to balance all the rates, discounts, fees and contract periods when making a decision, as well as more personal factors, such as customer service and support.

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