Bruce Pitchers

Bruce Pitchers Bruce Pitchers began his career writing about pop culture, before spending a decade in sports journalism. More recently, he’s applied his writing and editing skills to the world of finance. Prior to Canstar, he freelanced for The Australian Financial Review and the NZ Financial Markets Authority.

2degrees the Best Small Business Telco

Posted by September 10th 2021

In our homes, the internet going down is an inconvenience. The moment connectivity is lost, you'll hear shrieks from discombobulated family members, as they can no longer stream, game, chat or surf the net. But, for …

Netflix to Neon: the Hottest Streaming Shows in NZ

Posted by September 3rd 2021

Stuck in lockdown with nothing to do but sit on your sofa and stream? Thanks to the multitude of streaming services now available in NZ, it can sometimes be difficult to find something to watch. …

iPad Pro and Keyboard

Laptop + Tablet: the Best 2-in-1 Computers

Posted by August 3rd 2021

Ideally laptop-tablet, 2-in-1 devices bring together the best of both worlds, allowing you to smoothly switch between touchscreen and keyboard mode. One minute you're firing off an email, the next you're relaxing with Netflix. These relatively …

How to Get Free Neflix, Spotify & Amazon Prime

Posted by July 29th 2021

Okay, let's start this story with an old chestnut: there's no such thing as a free lunch … or free Netflix, Spotify or any other streaming service. No telco is going to give away valuable …

NZ’s Favourite Streaming Services

Posted by July 21st 2021

If you're into streaming and have never heard of JustWatch, here's a quick heads-up. JustWatch is a streaming guide that collates all the big players, meaning you don't have to individually access each streaming service …

Kogan Mobile: Is it Any Good?

Posted by July 7th 2021

Kogan is a huge company over the ditch in Australia. It was founded by entrepreneur Ruslan Kogan 25 years ago, selling own-brand electrical goods. Since then it's grown into a huge company, selling a wide …

Electricity With No Credit Checks

Posted by September 2nd 2021

A history of bad credit can lead to issues when signing up with a new electricity provider. However, for consumers who have credit-related problems, there are ways to get electricity with no credit checks. Canstar …

NZ’s Best Wireless Broadband Deals

Posted by August 2nd 2021

Competition in the wireless broadband market is fierce. The big broadband providers are pushing wireless broadband because it means bigger profits for them, as they don't have to pay to provide their services over fibre …

NZ’s Cheapest Broadband Plans

Posted by June 29th 2021

If you’re on the hunt for a cheap broadband internet plan, what should you look out for? Compare providers with Canstar Blue.

What Power Companies Are Available in NZ?

Posted by September 2nd 2021

If you're looking around for a new power company, there's lots to weigh up before signing up. Of course, the price of a provider's electricity is a big concern, but other questions to ask yourself …