Bruce Pitchers

Can I Install My Own Lights Fixtures and Switches?

Posted by January 22nd 2021

If you’re planning a home renovation, and want to install a light fixture or replace an old dirty switch, you might assume that it has to be the job of a professional. But not so fast. If …

compare portable air-conditioners

Chill With the Best in Portable Air-Conditioners

Posted by December 21st 2020

If flinging a window open and cranking the fan simply isn't getting the job done, portable air-conditioners could help you keep cool this summer. However, before rushing out to buy the first one you find …

Oil Changers – Still NZ’s Best Car Service

Posted by December 4th 2020

How much time do you spend with your car? There are currently over 4.3 million cars on our roads. And for most of us, cars are an integral part of the family. Indeed, if you …

Canstar Blue Celebrates its 10-Year Anniversary

Posted by December 4th 2020

Happy Birthday! Canstar Blue is celebrating its 10-year anniversary. To commemorate a decade of helping Kiwi consumers make informed choices, we're revisiting our awards and recognising some of the outstanding brands that have dominated our …

How to Choose the Best Mobile Phone Plans For Kids

Posted by November 11th 2020

Getting their sticky little fingers on a first mobile phone is a right of passage for kids. For them it's a sign of their growing independence. And for Mum and Dad it affords peace of …