Bruce Pitchers

Electricity: The Fuel of the Future

Posted by June 19th 2020

Author: Martin Kovaks It's time to plug-in, and turn on to an exciting electric future. Over the coming years, a range of innovative, new technologies are poised to drive NZ's transition to a low-carbon economy, with …

NZ Electricity Providers

NZ’s Best Electricity Providers Revealed

Posted by June 18th 2020

From putting on an extra layer – rather than cranking up the heat – to turning off lights and choosing the energy-saving option, Kiwis do want to save on electricity costs in their homes. It’s …

Power Outage Guide: What to do When the Lights Go Out

Posted by June 24th 2020

The TV abruptly cuts out, the lights flicker, and then darkness. There's never a good time to lose power, however by planning ahead it is possible to limit the impact an outage will have on …

Power Banks Guide: How to Keep Connected with Portable Power

Posted by June 24th 2020

A red battery icon can be cause for consternation in what has become an increasingly connected world, however for those of us consistently caught short and seeking to stave off battery drain, a power bank …