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Cheapest Mobile Phone Plans

Paying Too Much for Mobile? NZ’s Cheapest Mobile Plans

Posted by September 18th 2020

Are you paying too much to use your mobile? A new report by the Commerce Commission reveals that a quarter of Kiwis are paying too much, and not accessing the cheapest mobile plans to match …

How Electricity Apps Can Help Cut Your Power Bill

Posted by September 17th 2020

Keeping regular tabs on your electricity usage is the first step to smaller bills. Knowing when and why you're burning through electricity gives you the insight to cut your bills. And, thanks to smartphones and …

New Building Consent Rules

Spring into DIY with the New Building Consent Rules

Posted by September 17th 2020

From putting up a backyard shed, to installing decking or new fencing, before donning a tool-belt, it's important to have a clear understanding of the type of work you can and can't do. When tackling …

Weber Best BBQ 2020

Weber BBQs Deliver A Licence to Grill!

Posted by September 3rd 2020

Summertime and the grilling is easy! Nothing says it's summer like the sizzle of a snarler and the smell of BBQ smoke on the breeze. But while the basic combination of meat + flame has …

Mobile Data

NZ’s Best Mobile Data Deals

Posted by August 26th 2020

Mobile data brings the wide world of the internet to your smartphone, from casual browsing, to accessing emails and social media, video calling, and video and music streaming. However, data costs can quickly add up, …

Broadband Bundle Deals

Bundle and Save with the Best Broadband Bundles

Posted by August 11th 2020

Broadband bundles have evolved over time from packaged internet and home-phone line deals to encompass a range of different packages. They are all designed to deliver added variety and value, and aimed at consumers keen …

Xero Accounting Software 2020

Xero: NZ’s Top Accounting Software

Posted by August 4th 2020

New Zealand cloud-based accounting software company Xero has once again proven itself the most popular provider for small businesses, winning Canstar’s award for the second year in a row. In Canstar’s survey, the global innovator won …

Ryobi Lawn Mower

The Grass is Greener with a Ryobi Lawn Mower

Posted by September 3rd 2020

If there's one defining sound of the suburbs, it's the drone of lawnmowers on a weekend. Yes, the quarter-acre section has been subdivided to near extinction in most big cities. However, most homeowners still have …

Electricity: The Fuel of the Future

Posted by June 19th 2020

Author: Martin Kovaks It's time to plug-in, and turn on to an exciting electric future. Over the coming years, a range of innovative, new technologies are poised to drive NZ's transition to a low-carbon economy, with …