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Bruce Pitchers Bruce Pitchers began his career writing about pop culture, before spending a decade in sports journalism. More recently, he’s applied his writing and editing skills to the world of finance. Prior to Canstar, he freelanced for The Australian Financial Review and the NZ Financial Markets Authority.

Free Appliance Power Deals: The True Costs

Posted by February 22nd 2024

A couple of years ago, a member of team Canstar signed up for a long-term power plan and broadband bundle to snag a "free" appliance. At the time, they were excited about their new washing …

Fixed Power Deals: Are They Worth It?

Posted by February 12th 2024

There’s no denying we’re all wanting cheaper electricity bills at the end of the month, well fixed-term electricity contracts could be the way to do it!

What is the Average Power Bill in New Zealand?

Posted by February 20th 2024

How much are you paying for power in your home? Is it more than the average power bill in New Zealand? If it is, you could be paying too much for your power. Canstar Blue …

Fastest Broadband in New Zealand

Posted by December 12th 2023

For most people, a standard 300/100Mbps fibre connection is fast enough for most online activities. But if your household is data hungry and regularly runs multiple devices to stream HD video or play online games, …

NZ’s Cheapest Broadband Plans

Posted by December 12th 2023

If you’re on the hunt for a cheap broadband internet plan, what should you look out for? Compare providers with Canstar Blue.

people on phones cheapest shared data plans

Cheapest Shared Endless Data Plans in NZ

Posted by November 27th 2023

If each person in your household has a separate endless data mobile plan, you could all be overpaying. By bundling the plans together on a group shared endless data plan under one provider, you could …

Best Endless Data Phone Plans.

Best Endless Data Mobile Plans

Posted by November 27th 2023

Sure, unlimited talk and text is all well and good (if pretty standard), but these days data is the real deal-breaker. Whether you're video calling or streaming, Googling, TikToking, gaming or simply social-media scrolling, you …

Rocket Mobile Delivering Cut-price Unlimited Data

Posted by December 4th 2023

What is Rocket Mobile? Rocket Mobile is a new brand in the NZ telco market that started life as mobile phone plans provided by the former broadband provider MyRepublic, which was bought out by 2degrees earlier …

How to Watch the UEFA Champions League in NZ

Posted by November 3rd 2023

The UEFA Champions League is the Holy Grail of world football, with the best club sides from the biggest leagues around Europe competing for the ultimate bragging rights and glory. Steeped in history, the UEFA …