Bruce Pitchers

Xero Accounting Software 2020

Xero: NZ’s Top Accounting Software

Posted by August 4th 2020

New Zealand cloud-based accounting software company Xero has once again proven itself the most popular provider for small businesses, winning Canstar’s award for the second year in a row. In Canstar’s survey, the global innovator won …

Ryobi Lawn Mower

The Grass is Greener with a Ryobi Lawn Mower

Posted by September 3rd 2020

If there's one defining sound of the suburbs, it's the drone of lawnmowers on a weekend. Yes, the quarter-acre section has been subdivided to near extinction in most big cities. However, most homeowners still have …

Electricity: The Fuel of the Future

Posted by June 19th 2020

Author: Martin Kovaks It's time to plug-in, and turn on to an exciting electric future. Over the coming years, a range of innovative, new technologies are poised to drive NZ's transition to a low-carbon economy, with …

NZ Electricity Providers

NZ’s Best Electricity Providers Revealed

Posted by June 18th 2020

From putting on an extra layer – rather than cranking up the heat – to turning off lights and choosing the energy-saving option, Kiwis do want to save on electricity costs in their homes. It’s …

Power Outage Guide: What to do When the Lights Go Out

Posted by June 24th 2020

The TV abruptly cuts out, the lights flicker, and then darkness. There's never a good time to lose power, however by planning ahead it is possible to limit the impact an outage will have on …