Christine Thelander

Pros and cons of working from home

Posted by August 4th 2020

What are the benefits of working from home? Canstar Blue weighs in on both, the advantages and disadvantages to work from home jobs.


What is World Mental Health Day?

Posted by August 23rd 2018

World Mental Health Day is a World Health Organisation imitative to help raise awareness of mental illnesses. Find out when it is and what you can do.

Seven spoons of sugar with soft drink

Is your daily sugar intake too high?

Posted by January 19th 2018

Sugar is in everything these days - even foods you thought were healthy. Find out how much sugar is in your favourite snacks.

About Type 2 Diabetes

Posted by January 19th 2018

Diabetes is one New Zealand's fastest-growing health crisis. November 14th is World Diabetes Day.

Breast cancer awareness

Posted by November 9th 2017

Breast Cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer affecting New Zealand women. Learn what you can do to help raise awareness.

Foundation Award Winner

About World Hepatitis Day

Posted by August 23rd 2018

What is World Hepatitis Day. Read all about what hepatitis is and what causes it here.

What is World Blood Donor Day?

Posted by August 23rd 2018

1 in 3 people will need blood in their lifetime. Make a difference this June 14th.

World No Tobacco Day

Posted by December 4th 2017

Could you survive 24 hours without smoking or any other form of tobacco? Give quitting a go when World No Tobacco Day rolls around.