Dhayana Sena

Technology tips for seniors

Posted by November 4th 2019

Many senior citizens rely on the Internet and technology, such as mobile phones and tablets, for their everyday communication and entertainment needs.  Though it can be incredibly helpful, the ever-changing nature of technology can be …

Android TV, Regular TV & Smart TV: What’s the difference?

Posted by October 24th 2019

The rise of the internet and mobile apps have led to technological advancements in consumer electronics. Android TVs and Smart TVs are now all the rage, as television sets have become more intelligent and complex. …

Hot water system: What to know before you buy?

Posted by October 22nd 2019

According to the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority, hot water heating makes up approximately 30% of the average household energy bill, so it’s important to make an informed decision when choosing the right water heating …


Understanding where your power comes from

Posted by October 21st 2019

Electricity is a basic necessity in Kiwi homes and though we use it every day, it’s likely not something we give too much thought to. In this article, Canstar Blue explains how electricity works and …

Disney Plus Video NZ Review & Guide

Posted by October 11th 2019

Disney Plus is launching this November, bringing with it a stack of original content from the entertainment giant. But does it live up to the hype? Find out how you can get Disney Plus, how much …

Disney Plus and Apple TV Plus: What’s the difference?

Posted by September 19th 2019

Entertainment giants Apple and Disney will be launching new streaming services into the New Zealand market this November. Here, Canstar Blue breaks down the need-to-knows of the two services. Disney Plus Disney Plus is Disney’s upcoming subscription …

The rise of streaming services: Can your internet keep up?

Posted by September 16th 2019

The last few years have seen a shift in the way we consume entertainment. With online streaming services like Netflix and Lightbox now a staple in Kiwi homes, an internet connection that can keep up …