Sam Bloom

Sam Bloom lives in Brisbane and has been researching and writing stories for Canstar Blue since 2014. He loves long morning rows on the beautiful Brisbane River, hanging out with friends, and watching far more football than is good for him.

Slingshot vs Trustpower: Broadband Comparison

Posted by January 18th 2018

With two solid arrays of broadband plans on offer, Trustpower and Slingshot provide significant food for thought when deciding on your next internet plan.

Client and trainer lifting weights at the gym

Are personal trainers worth the money?

Posted by November 2nd 2018

Even if you haven’t a clue about exercise, there are several reasons why hiring a personal trainer isn’t always necessary.

What tyres do F1 cars use?

Posted by October 5th 2017

F1 cars are the pinnacle of modern motorsport; what kind of exotic rubber keeps these amazing machines on the track?

How to minimize your petrol costs

Posted by August 24th 2018

Despite the rapid drop in oil prices in late 2014, the cost of fuel has once again rebounded to fairly expensive levels.