Sam Bloom

Sam Bloom lives in Brisbane and has been researching and writing stories for Canstar Blue since 2014. He loves long morning rows on the beautiful Brisbane River, hanging out with friends, and watching far more football than is good for him.

Dishwashing liquid: What we use it for

Posted by December 21st 2017

Our research has given us insight into how New Zealanders are using dishwashing liquid. According to our findings, it is used for a range of things.

What tyres do F1 cars use?

Posted by October 5th 2017

F1 cars are the pinnacle of modern motorsport; what kind of exotic rubber keeps these amazing machines on the track?

How to minimize your petrol costs

Posted by August 24th 2018

Despite the rapid drop in oil prices in late 2014, the cost of fuel has once again rebounded to fairly expensive levels.

How do hybrid cars work?

Posted by January 18th 2018

We try to explain just how hybrid cars work, so you can understand one of the most important technologies present in modern cars.

What is the difference between 3G and 4G?

Posted by November 1st 2018

If you own a smartphone these days, you’ll no doubt have heard the terms 3G or 4G thrown around to describe your carrier’s network

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What is affecting your internet speed

Posted by November 2nd 2018

We’ve all had trouble with a slow internet connection at some point, but what you might not understand is the reason behind it.