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Are personal trainers worth the money?

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So, it’s the turn of a new year. You’ve decided this is the year you finally lose a few kilos, get rid of the gut and work your way back to how fit you were in high school. However, let’s be honest, most of us wouldn’t have a clue what to do if we hadn’t trained in years. In times like these, your first thought may be to turn to a personal trainer. But do you really need one?

These generally beautiful men and women are professionals, who know what they’re doing and can give you the advice and accountability to reach your goals. The trouble is, hiring a personal trainer is usually quite expensive, and it can be pretty difficult to communicate exactly what you want to do and achieve. Personal trainers are definitely helpful, but the fact is that you can accomplish a huge amount simply by the myriad resources available in the modern world. We’ve come up with a couple of reasons why DIY could well be the ideal way to go on your path to fitness.

It’s expensive

A personal trainer can provide you with that extra motivation and expertise that you’ve been lacking, but you’ll certainly pay plenty of money for it. Personal training fees are usually at least $30 per hour, and prices can vary widely based on the reputation and qualifications of the trainer you contact.

Employing a personal trainer is definitely a good idea to begin with if you’re a complete novice, as they can coach you into performing movements with proper form that will minimise injury risk and maximise your results. In the long-term however, many people will find it’s simply too expensive or just not worth it; and remember, making significant improvements to your fitness is a long-term game.

You can teach yourself just about everything

In today’s world where the internet contains just about everything humanity has ever thought of, you can find a huge amount of resources dedicated to educating people about exercise and nutrition. Websites such as YouTube, Reddit and countless fitness sites can teach you just about everything you need to know – proper weight lifting form, countless exercise programs to suit any goal, and advice on what to do and not to do from thousands of people who’ve been there before.

All you need to do is jump online and do a bit of research. And when you think you’re ready, you can launch into a sport or training regime and give it a go, secure in the knowledge that thousands of people have been in your shoes. Just remember, take it easy to start with, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Use your friends

Just about all of us have a friend who’s seriously fit and strong, whether they’re a current or former athlete, or a middle-aged fitness junkie. A great way to kick-start your own training is to ask for guidance from your mates, whether that takes the form of coaching or simply training together on a regular basis. Furthermore, training with friends on a fixed schedule gives you the same accountability and discipline as you’d get from employing a personal trainer – plus there’s the competitive aspect of seeing who’s the best!

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