Globug electricity review

Globug Review

Electricity provider GLOBUG offers a prepaid electricity plan, stating that it “allows you to pay for electricity as you go so you’ll find it much easier to manage your electricity spend and keep on top of payments”.

A retail brand of energy retailer and generator Mercury, GLOBUG provides its customers a number of ways to keep tabs on and also pay for their electricity usage, including via smart technology.

“GLOBUG is a prepay electricity plan that puts you in control of your electricity costs, by allowing you to pay for electricity as you go,” GLOBUG states of its service. “That means no more monthly bills – you simply top up when you need more electricity (just like a prepay mobile phone).”

What’s on offer from GLOBUG?

GLOBUG offers simple pricing, with a fixed daily charge and a variable kWh charge. Top-ups start from as little as $10. Consumers can check GLOBUG’s pricing for standard user and low user plans via its website, selecting the region and area in which they live, which in turn will bring up Globug’s respective rates.

GLOBUG states that its “goal is that you pay less”, stating that its “rates are very competitive”, while consumers can also use GLOBUG’s bill calculator, available via its website, entering selected details from a monthly bill to determine how much they could save with GLOBUG.

As GLOBUG’s service is pay-as-you-go, customers will not receive invoices, rather keeping tabs on their usage and topping up as they go. Consumers interested in joining GLOBUG can do so via the GLOBUG website or by calling GLOBUG.

Customer service

GLOBUG provides a range of information on its services and how to use them via its website, including via its website’s frequently asked questions page, which addresses a variety of topics.

Consumers can contact GLOBUG by phone or by submitting a contact form via the GLOBUG website. GLOBUG is also active on social media platform Facebook.

Account management

GLOBUG provides a number of options for its customers to check their account balance, comprising the GLOBUG app, available for Android and iOS, the My account section of the GLOBUG website and by phone.

Via My account, customers can also request that balance alerts are sent via email or text, with a daily balance alert sent every morning, and a low balance alert sent when their account status is below $10.

Customers can also access account information at any time via text, including their account balance, with cost per use charged to their account.

GLOBUG states that customers can generate a report for their historical usage and costs on the GLOBUG website, selecting the date range and generating the report.

Through the GLOBUG app customers can:

  • See their current balance
  • Top-up their account with their debit/credit card or internet banking
  • See an estimate of how many days of power are remaining
  • See how much they are spending on power, by day, week or month

GLOBUG states that the time remaining before disconnection information provided via its website and app is based on a customer’s usage over the last seven days, with it being an indication only.

In addition to topping up via debit/credit card or internet banking via the GLOBUG app and My account, GLOBUG states that customers can top up in-store at dairies and convenience stores across New Zealand. Customers are able to search for their nearest top-up location via the Globug website.

Note: Details are correct at 15/06/23.

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