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Powershop Electricity Review

Powershop has dominated Canstar Blue’s customer satisfaction ratings for electricity providers in New Zealand over the years. The company operates online, offering flexible payment options as well as a suite of website and mobile tools to help its customers monitor their energy usage and potentially save.

What does Powershop offer?

Powershop sells its electricity in bundles of various sizes and price called ‘Powerpacks’. These packs are designed to let customers buy power incrementally rather than lump them with large quarterly bills. There are three types of packs: Top-up packs, future packs and special packs.

  • Top-up packs: This is Powershop’s most flexible pack. Customers can buy as much or as little electricity as they want at standard power rates.
  • Future packs: This pack lets you buy electricity now to add to your future balance. It’s a great way to budget the cost of power over the year.
  • Special packs: These packs offer special low rates for limited times. There may be a limit on what special packs are available, so visit the Powershop online store to see what’s on offer.

Don’t worry if you have not bought enough Powerpacks in advance. If your electricity usage exceeds what you have pre-purchased, Powershop will charge your account using your preferred payment method. You will not be cut off simply because you have consumed all your power packs.

Powershop guaranteed savings

The Powershop website guarantees new customers will save $150 on their first year after switching to Powershop. When you sign up, simply send Powershop an old electricity bill and it will monitor what you’re paying Powershop versus what you would have spent with your old retailer.

Powershop will send quarterly updates on how much you have saved, and if the $150 savings isn’t met, Powershop says it will credit you the difference.

Where does Powershop supply?

Powershop services most of New Zealand across both North Island and South Island. It services the following locations and surrounding areas:

North Island

South Island




Queenstown Lakes









New Plymouth


Hawkes Bay



Palmerston North



Wairarapa towns


Powershop tools and features

Powershop has always remained at the frontier of electricity retail innovation. It offers a slew of digital tools designed to make its service convenient, flexible and transparent. You can use the Powershop online store, mobile app or web portal to:

  • Buy Powerpacks
  • Use the Power Organiser to calculate how many days your Powerpacks might last
  • Monitor daily energy consumption
  • Check your account balance
  • Keep records of previous energy usage

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