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Powershop Electricity Review & Guide

Powershop is an online-operated power company, offering flexible payment options, and a suite of website and mobile tools to help customers monitor their energy usage and potentially save money. The company was established in 2009 and now has more than 70,000 New Zealand customers across the Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch regions.

Powershop has dominated Canstar Blue’s customer satisfaction ratings for power companies in New Zealand over the years. But what exactly do you get with Powershop, and what sets it apart from the many other electricity providers in NZ?

What does Powershop offer?

Powershop sells electricity in bundles of various sizes and prices, called ‘Powerpacks’. These packs are designed to let customers buy power incrementally rather than lump them with large quarterly bills. There are three types of packs: Top-up packs, future packs and special packs.

  • Powershop Top-Up Packs: This is Powershop’s most flexible pack. Customers can buy as much or as little electricity as they want at standard power rates.
  • Powershop Future Packs: This pack lets customers buy electricity now to add to their future balance. An attractive perk to this pack is the more in advance you purchase the future pack, the more of a discount you will receive. It’s also a great way to budget the cost of power over the course of the year.
  • Powershop Special Packs: As the name suggests, these Powerpacks offer special low rates for limited times only. The special packs do change, so visit the Powershop online store to see what’s on offer.

Don’t worry if you have not bought enough Powerpacks in advance. If your electricity usage exceeds what you have pre-purchased, Powershop will charge your account using your preferred payment method. You will not be cut off simply because you have consumed all your powerpacks.

Powershop Rates

Similar to other power companies, Powershop prices include a daily fixed charge and an additional charge for every kilowatt of electricity you use. These Powershop charges differ depending on your location, how your meter is set up (otherwise known as your ‘tariff’), the amount of power you use throughout the year, and what time of the day you use the power. However, you can get an idea of how much it may cost you to go with Powershop by using Powershop’s online power calculator for an estimated price in your specific situation.

A good thing about Powershop is that you are guaranteed a saving when you switch to this power company. So, if you sign up to Powershop and end up paying more than you did at your previous power company – for the same amount of power – then you will be effectively reimbursed. As well as this, if you haven’t saved $150, or more, during the guaranteed savings period, Powershop will give you the difference in power credit.

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Powershop tools and features

Powershop has always remained at the frontier of electricity retail innovation. It offers an array of digital tools that are designed to make its service convenient, flexible and transparent. You can use the Powershop online store, mobile app or web portal to:

  • Buy Powerpacks
  • Use the Power Organiser to calculate how many days your Powerpacks might last
  • Monitor daily energy consumption
  • Check your account balance
  • Keep records of previous energy usage

Powershop Blog

Power is one part of adulting life that doesn’t necessarily bring the most enjoyment. And, in this day and age, blogs allow you to gain knowledge in a more fun and interactive manner. Powershop mixes the two together with its blog, helping Kiwis get the most from their power. It’s created in a way that primarily assists Powershop customers, or customers-to-be, truly giving another dimension to customer assistance.

Powershop switch your mates

The Powershop ‘switch your mates’ feature gives you a substantial $100 free power every time you get one of your mates to switch power companies to Powershop. Each mate you refer will also get $150 free power. However, you do need to make sure your mate signs up with a referral link you share with them or you will not be eligible for the free power.

Solar power with Powershop

If you’re considering solar panels, Powershop has a feature that may be even more convincing.  Powershop will automatically pay you a buy-back rate of 8 cents per kilowatt, in return for the power your solar panels generate back into the grid. This is under the condition you keep you keep your lights on when the sun goes down.

Account management

You can manage your Powershop account online, either through the website or Powershop app. Powershop doesn’t offer the option of paper bills and this was a contributing factor to the power company being awarded 5-stars for environmental sustainability.

The Powershop app also allows you to:

  • View your daily usage in half-hour differences.
  • Get first dibs on new specials that come in, by being notified of them as soon as they are available.
  • Save power by adjusting your power usage according to the peaks and troughs in your daily insights.

When it comes to paying your power bills, Powershop gives you the option of direct debit, debit card, credit card or by cash at a PostShop (with the Powershop Recharge Card). You can also set up an automatic payment in your online account, which will be taken out of your account three days after the purchase of power.

Powershop is flexible with payments – you’re not confined to the same form of payment each time. As well as this, you can choose the payment dates that suit you your financial position. This can all be done through your online account!

Is Powershop right for me?

We can’t say whether Powershop is right for your specific situation as rates vary between location, tariff, and power usage. However, we do know that Powershop is a Kiwi approved power company, rating higher than any other power company in our national satisfaction surveys over the years.

Powershop may not always be the cheapest retailer, but give some thought to what represents good value to you. The tools provided by Powershop can certainly help customers better understand their energy usage and then act on this knowledge accordingly. Powershop may not be the best choice for customers who simply want to pay an energy bill every month or quarter, but if you like the idea of logging into the Powershop app and chasing the best deals (Powerpacks), Powershop is definitely a little more interesting than your average energy company.

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