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Z Energy Electricity: What does it offer?

New Zealand fuel company Z Energy has joined the ranks of electricity retailers, offering power plans to help keep Kiwi homes and vehicles powered up and fully charged. Canstar Blue explores what Z Energy electricity has to offer.

Z Energy has been providing fuel to New Zealanders since 2011, and now owns and manages nearly 200 service stations across the motu.

In 2018, Z became the majority owner of power company Flick, and in the past year it upped up its stake to 95%. And, this month, it launched its first foray into EV home charging.

What’s on offer from Z Energy Electric?

Z offers two specialised home power plans, one for EV and one for non-EV drivers. Neither plan has a joining fee or a fixed-term contracts, meaning you’re free to leave at any time. The plans are:

  • EV at Home plan
  • Fuel Back Home plan

EV at Home plan

The EV at Home plan is designed to save EV drivers money when charging their EVs. The plan offers discounted night rates:

  • Free power between 3am-6am
  • Half-price rates between 9pm-7am

As part of their EV at Home plan, users can get a smart charger fully installed from Z’s partner, Evnex (fees apply). An at-home smart charger speeds up the charging process and helps you get the most out of your free hours of power. The deal allows you to make interest-free repayments on the smart charger as part of your power bill over two  years.

Click here for more information on the EV at home plan.

Fuel Back Home plan

Z’s Fuel Back Home plan offers free fuel rewards based on your household power spend. The plan offers:

  • 50L of free fuel for joining
  • 5L of fuel for every $500 spent on power

Click here for more information on the fuel back home plan.

What is Sharetank?

Sharetank is a convenient fuel solution, found on the Z app, that allows you to pre-purchase petrol at the lowest Z prices.

With Sharetank, you can pre-buy between 2L-1000L at the day’s prices. You can then fill-up at any Z station in NZ, at the pre-paid rate, saving yourself money. Note, the Z petrol station you pre-buy petrol from doesn’t have to be the station that you actually fill-up at.

As a bonus, Z offers free-litre days. On  free litre days, you are rewarded with free fuel litres when you pre-purchase 150L or more. A breakdown of bonus litre earnings can be found here.

Like the name suggests, Sharetank can be shared with up to five friends, family members or flatties.

Note: once you make a Sharetank purchase, the price of the fuel you buy is locked in; you are not be able to cancel the purchase if the price of fuel subsequently falls and remains lower than your purchase price.

How do Z Energy’s power plans compare to those of Flick Electric?

As we mention above, Flick and Z Energy are owned by the same company, so how do their power plans compare?

Flick Electric offers two plans:

  • Flat
  • Off-peak

Flat plan

Flick Electric’s offers power at one flat rate, day and night. Key features include:

  • A simple flat-rate plan
  • Keep track of your usage/power bills on your Flick Customer Dashboard
  • Flexible billing and payment options

Off-peak plan

The off peak plan provides users with cheaper prices during off-peak hours:

  • Pay less during off peak-hours (11am-5pm, 9am-7am and all weekend from 12am Saturday-11.59pm Sunday (excluding Christchurch)). Off peak hours for the ORION/Christchurch network are 9pm-7am and all weekend from 12am Saturday-11.59pm Sunday.
  • Use the Flick app to keep track of your off peak times

Should you choose Z Electric or Flick Electric?

Both Z Electric and Flick Electric offer power plans that are tailored to different users. So, the best plan for you is one that suits your unique lifestyle and needs.

If you have an EV or are a commuter, a Z Electric plan may be the best choice, as their benefits are targeted towards vehicle users. However, if you use power consistently throughout the day and want a nice and simple power plan, then Flick Electric’s flat plan could be a good choice.

For EV users, Z’s EV at Home plan, and Flick’s Off-peak plan have similar benefits, meaning you can charge your EV for less. However, the convenience of an fully installed home smart charger through Evnex on interest-free terms should be considered. Although, with installation costs starting at $2195, you may be able to find a cheaper option elsewhere.

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