Nappy changing for dummies

changing nappyFor the parents who can handle anything, a standard nappy change task is a breeze, and can be done in a matter of seconds. But for the uninitiated, it is a daunting challenge that can take time to master.

Here is our dummies guide to nappy changing:

Before you begin, there is one rule to follow: have everything nearby so you don’t leave the baby. Never leave your baby unattended at changing time.

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Ensure that you have all of the supplies for a nappy change: clean nappy, wipes, barrier cream, changing mat, nappy bin.


Lay down your changing mat, and lay baby on it. Ensure that all of your supplies are close at hand.


Take off the dirty nappy by opening the fasteners; lift your baby’s ankles slightly with one hand while pulling the nappy away with the other. Dispose of said dirty nappy (tip: if there is anything solid in the nappy, tip it into the toilet, but put the nappy itself in the bin – nappies should never be flushed, as they block drains).


Wipe baby’s bottom and ensure they are entirely clean, then dry them off. If they have irritated skin or nappy rash, rub some barrier cream onto the affected area.


Just as you did with the dirty nappy, lift baby’s ankles slightly and slide on the clean nappy. If you are using a disposable, the side with the tabs goes at the back.


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