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Bundling your broadband with other utilities is a great way to save money. Canstar Blue reveals New Zealand’s best broadband bundles.

Broadband pricing should be simple. But is isn’t, in part due to broadband bundles. Most households have fibre connections and want unlimited data. So the choice should come down to just price and speed: primarily 300/100mbps, or superfast 900/500mbps.

And on price alone, one broadband provider is by far the cheapest: Skinny. Its latest deal, which offers four months free on a 12-month plan delivers great value:

Skinny Unlimited Fibre 300 (300/100mbps)

Regular Price: $78 per month / $936 per year
Deal price (4 months free): $52 per month/ $624 per year

Skinny Unlimited Fibre Ultra (900/500mbps)

Regular Price: $98 per month / $1176 per year
Deal price (4 months free): $65.30 per month/ $784 per year

However, once the 12-month deal is up, you’ll revert to paying Skinny’s regular prices. And as these aren’t as competitive as some other broadband providers’ prices, the onus will then be on you to search for a better deal.

So when trying to discover the best broadband deal, while speed and price should be the two main factors to consider, it’s worthwhile doing a little extra homework and exploring all the bundle deals on the market.

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Best Broadband Bundle Deals

Not all broadband providers offer bundle deals. And the bundle deals available break down into three main categories:

  • Free streaming services
  • Discounts for bundling electricity and/or gas
  • Discounts for adding mobile plans

It’s worth noting that while it’s easy to do the maths to work out the savings offered by adding mobile plans or streaming services, working out the benefits of bundling power can be a little more tricky.

This is because while a $20 discount off your broadband by bundling with power might look attractive on paper, you’ll need to further research any savings on the power side of the deal. Ultimately, it’s not worth saving on broadband if you are pay more for power.

However, if you’re looking for a quick round-up of which broadband providers offer bundle deals and what’s on offer, read on. For simplicity’s sake, we’ve looked only at the two most common broadband plans, as mentioned above: 300/100mbps and 900/500mbps.

2degrees logo


On top of some current hot pricing on 12-month plans:

  • $80 – 900/500mbps
  • $65 – 300/100mbps

2degrees’ deals also come with Amazon Prime Video (including Prime Gaming) and Neon for six months, worth $48 and $95.94, respectively, over the six-month period. Plus there is an extra monthly $10 discount if you have an eligible monthly phone plan.

Contact Energy

From its standard rates: $109.99 – 900/500mbps and $69.99 – 300/100mbps Contact offers the following discounts:

Broadband + Power Bundle: $84.99 (900/500mbps) and $64.99 (300/100mbps)

Broadband + Power + Gas: $79.99 (900/500mbps) and $59.99 (300/100mbps)


Nova keeps its discounts simple. Its broadband standard rates:

  • $109 – 900/500mbps
  • $89 – 300/100mbps

But if you bundle your broadband with power, Nova offers a $20 discount per month.

orcon logo


From Orcon’s standard rates …

  • $99.95 – 900/500mbps
  • $89.95 – 300/100mbps

… consumers can bundle an eligible electricity plan, receiving a 10% discount on both their broadband and electricity plans.

Sky Broadband

The basic details for each plan are outlined in the table below.

Plan Monthly data Download/upload Cost (per month)*
Lightning Fast WiFi Unlimited Up to 900/400Mbps

Sky TV subscriber: $79

Non-subscriber: $109

WiFi 100 Unlimited Up to 100/20Mbps

Sky TV subscriber: $69

Non-subscriber: $89

As the final column shows, the price difference for Sky TV subscribers and non-subscribers works out to a weighty $30 per month for the Lightning Fast WiFi plan and $20 per month for the WiFi 100 plan.

Of course, keep in mind the additional Sky TV subscription costs when weighing up the bundle price. Sky Starter (the base Sky TV package) is $25.99 per month. This means that the minimum bundle price per month will be:

  • Lightning Fast WiFi ($79) with Sky Starter ($25.99) totals $104.99 per month
  • WiFi 100 ($69) with Sky Starter ($25.99) totals $94.99 per month

Slingshot logo


Slingshot’s standard rates are pretty average.

  • $94.95- 900/500mbps
  • $79.95 – 300/100mbps

But you’ll receive a $20 discount per month for bundling your power, and $5 per month for every mobile plan, which makes them pretty competitive.



Up until the end of last year, Spark had layered broadband plans based on usage. Given that we are all streaming and gobbling up endless data, they were pretty antiquated. Thankfully, Spark’s new deals are easier to work out:  $100 – 900/500mbps | $85 – 300/100mbps.

And working out their value for money is even easier, because each comes with Netflix Standard, which works out to a saving of $18.49 per month.

So after Netflix, Spark’s broadband plans work out to cost: $81.51 – 900/500mbps | $66.51 – 300/100mbps.



Trustpower’s bundle deals come with a whole heap of savings. And, currently, if you sign up to a 24-month plan, you’ll get half-price broadband for the first six months on their standard rates:

  • $109 – 900/500mbps
  • $94 – 300/100mbps

On top of that, Trustpower’s myriad bundle discounts include:

  • $15 per month broadband and electricity bundle discount
  • $5 per month for each mobile plan added, if you sign up for the energy and broadband service
  • 25c 0ff per day dual-fuel (gas + electricity) discount

Plus: You also get a choice of Samsung joining rewards




As with Spark’s offerings, crunching the numbers on Vodafone’s plans is pretty simple. On both its plans …

  • $99 – 900/500mbps
  • $79 – 300/100mbps

… you save $10 per month if you have a Vodafone pay monthly mobile plan.

To help Kiwi consumers make more informed decisions, Canstar Blue annually rates all the providers in the market. We survey thousands of broadband customers and ask them to score their providers across categories including Overall Satisfaction, Value for Money and Customer Service.

Canstar Blue’s latest review of NZ internet providers compares NOW, 2degrees, Bigpipe, Contact, MyRepublic, Nova Energy, Orcon, Slingshot, Spark, Trustpower and Vodafone and awards the best our 5-Star rating:

See Our Ratings Methodology

The table above is an abridged version of our full research, so to find out more about NZ’s best broadband providers, just click on the big button below:

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