cheapest wireless broadband Deals in NZ

Cheapest Wireless Broadband Plans NZ

Canstar Blue looks at the wireless broadband deals available in New Zealand, and reveals the cheapest wireless broadband plans.

Competition in the wireless broadband market is fierce. The big broadband providers like wireless broadband technology because they don’t have to pay to provide their services over the fibre networks, which belong to other companies.

And for consumers, this increased competition means lower prices. So why pay for cheap wireless broadband, when you can pay for cheaper wireless broadband?

Canstar searches out the cheapest wireless broadband deals in New Zealand.

Why get wireless broadband?

Before comparing wireless broadband plans, you need to consider if wireless broadband is right for you. When it comes to speed, 4G wireless outpaces old ADSL connections and is on a par with VDSL, but it’s nowhere as fast as Starlink’s satellite service or fibre. And while 5G wireless is fast, it’s currently limited to urban centres, where fibre connections are freely available.

Broadband speeds by type

Broadband Download
speeds (Mbps)
speeds (Mbps)
Latency (ms)
ADSL 10 1 26
VDSL 40 10 18
4G Wireless 50 17 53
Starlink Satellite 10-287 4-15 25-50
5G Wireless 157-275.6 18.9-21.3 n/a
Fibre 300 310 108 7
Fibre Max 883 499 6

Average speeds and latency for different types of broadband, according to the latest Measuring Broadband New Zealand Report. Starlink figures are taken from the Starlink website, not the MBNZ report. 5G Wireless speeds from Open Signal.

But if fibre isn’t an option for your home, and you want a cheaper alternative to Starlink …

  • Starlink upfront cost: Standard Kit – $599
  • Starlink’s ongoing costs: Broadband service – $159 per month

… then wireless broadband may be your best bet for bringing fast, reliable internet to your home. Wireless is also an option for those on a budget, as wireless plans can be significantly cheaper than fibre ones.

For example Skinny, One and 2degrees all offer an extra $10 discount on the cost of their wireless plans if you also have a mobile plan with them. This means that by bundling you can get unlimited data plans that start as low as $45:

4G Mobile & Unlimited Wireless Broadband Bundles

  • Skinny: $45 p/m
  • 2degrees: $50 p/m
  • One: $55 p/m

5G Mobile & Unlimited Wireless Broadband Bundles

  • 2degrees: $69 p/m
  • One NZ: $69 p/m

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Cheapest wireless broadband: what’s on offer?

Below we have listed all the wireless broadband plans on offer in New Zealand. It’s important to note that many broadband providers do not offer wireless broadband. If you’re interested in finding the cheapest fibre broadband, click here.


One offers three 4G plans and one 5G plan. Note Unlimited 5G Wireless is only available at select locations.

Plan Data Price (p/m)
4G Wireless 300GB $55
4G Wireless Unlimited $65
Unlimited 5G Wireless Unlimited $79

Plans include:

  • 12-month plans include a free modem
  • $10/month discount if you already have a One pay monthly phone plan
  • Extra data is $4 for 1GB, $20 for 15GB or $30 for 50GB (on capped plans)
  • One’s rewards scheme
  • Unlimited plans are SuperWifi eligible (on a 24-month contract)
  • Free standard install

*Undiscounted price

Spark logo


Spark offers four open-term wireless broadband plans, with two 5G plans available. Note 5G Max Wireless is only available at select locations. Modems are not included on Spark’s plans, and cost an additional $106.20.

Plan Data Price
Basic Wireless 40 GB $45
Lite Wireless 120 GB $55
Everyday Wireless Unlimited $60
Max Wireless Unlimited $80
Everyday Wireless Plus Unlimited $65
Max Wireless Plus Unlimited $85

Plans Include:

  • Free Netflix Standard (worth $18.49 p/m) and McAfee Security Standard (worth $4.95 p/m) for $5 p/m extra on Everyday Wireless Plus & Max Wireless plan
  • Basic wireless includes free landline (additional $10 on all other plans)


Skinny’s home wireless broadband plans use the Spark 4G network. They offer two limited and two unlimited plans. You can choose to sign on for a 12-month contract or an open-term plan. On a 12-month term, the modem is free – $199 on an open term contract – $10 delivery fee applies.


Plan Data Price
60 GB Wireless 60 GB $45
120 GB Wireless 120 GB $50
Unlimited Wireless Unlimited $55

Plans include:

  • Save an extra $10 per month if you have an eligible Skinny mobile plan
  • Two months free on a 12-month plan
  • Zero cost install

*Undiscounted price



2degrees has two wireless 4G broadband plans and one 5G plan. Note 5G is only available in select areas.  Fixed 12-month plans come with free modem ($15 delivery fee applies). Modem additional $299 on open 4G plans.

Plan Data Price
300 GB Wireless 4G 60 GB $55
Unlimited Wireless 4G 300 GB $60
Unlimited Wireless 5G Unlimited $79

Plans include:

  • $10 discount per month when plan is linked to an eligible 2degrees pay monthly mobile plan
  • 30 day risk-free guarantee
  • No installation required

NB: Further information on pricing can be found at individual retailer websites. Prices should be used as a starter guide and not considered an actual quote. Prices valid 23/06/23.

Wireless broadband plans: things to consider

  • Modem – a retailer will provide a modem either at an upfront cost or with a plan. It’s worth noting that retailers typically stipulate that the modem can only be used at the customer’s nominated location. So, if you plan on moving, it’s important to contact your retailer.
  • Flexible or fixed-term plan – plans range from flexible month-to-month plans to fixed-term plans, such as 12-month plans. If you choose a fixed-term plan, it’s worthwhile keeping in mind the process and fees that will apply in the event of early termination.
  • Data caps – does the plan offer unlimited broadband, or is their a cap? Always confirm what happens if you hit your data cap, and the cost of extra data.
  • Home phone – some plans are available with the option to include a home phone.
  • Account management and monitoring – what sort of online account management and monitoring tools are provided? For instance, can you keep track of your data usage?
  • Incentives – are there any additional sign-on incentives, such as discounts, bundle deals, signing on rewards, or even subscriptions to streaming services?

Compare Broadband with Canstar Blue

To help you get a clearer picture of broadband providers in NZ, Canstar Blue rates all the big providers annually. We survey thousands of broadband customers and ask them to score their providers across categories including Overall Satisfaction, Value for Money and Customer Service. We then award the best broadband providers our Star Ratings and Most Satisfied Customer Award.

See Our Ratings Methodology

The table above is an abridged version of our full research, to find out more about NZ’s best broadband providers, just click on the button below.

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