How to Get Free Netflix, Spotify & Amazon Prime

Want free Netflix, Spotify or Amazon Prime? Canstar Blue reveals which mobile phone and broadband providers offer free streaming services as part of their deals.

Okay, let’s start this story with an old chestnut: there’s no such thing as a free lunch … or free Netflix, Spotify or any other streaming service. No telco is going to give away valuable products and services. Any freebies you receive will be factored into the plan you’re on.

For example, if you compare deals that come bundled with Netflix, Spotify or Amazon Prime, with those from no-frills providers, such as Skinny or Kogan, you’ll be able to see how much extra you’re paying for your supposedly free goodies.

However, no-frill services are not for everybody. For many of us, it’s convenient to bundle multiple phone and internet plans with one, big-brand provider. The big brands tend to offer a greater range of products, have better support services and even bricks and mortar stores that you can visit. Plus, they offer great free stuff, such as streaming services, which brings us back to what this article is all about.

For if you want free (or reduced-price) Netflix, Spotify or Amazon Prime, there are some great deals out there from the following providers:


SPARK: free Netflix & Spotify

Spark has a range of mobile phone and broadband plans that offer free/reduced-price Netflix Standard and Spotify Premium as part of the deal:

Phone plans

Two of Spark’s top-end Endless mobile plans come with free streaming:

Endless/40GB max speed: $79.99/month – free Netflix Standard (worth $16.99/month) or Spotify Premium (worth $14.99/month)

Endless/100GB max speed: $79.99/month – free Netflix Standard (worth $16.99/month) or Spotify Premium (worth $14.99/month)

Spark’s Endless group plans, which start at $129.98 for two people, offer free Netflix Standard for the main plan user and 50% off Spotify Premium for companion plans.

Broadband plans

Spark offers free Netflix Standard ($16.99/month) on these plans, which each have three data usage bands. All charges per month:

5G Wireless Broadband Netflix: <60GB/$85 | 60GB-120GB/$95 | >120GB $105

Unplan Netflix Metro Wireless (4G): <60GB/$75 | 60GB-120GB/$85 | >120GB $95

Unplan Netflix Fibre Basic (50/10): <60GB/$76 | 60GB-120GB/$86 | >120GB $96

Unplan Netflix Fibre 100 (100/20): <60GB/$79 | 60GB-120GB/$89 | >120GB $99

Unplan Netflix Fibre Max (900/400): <60GB/$100 | 60GB-120GB/$110 | >120GB $120

However all of Spark’s Netflix broadband plans are also available without the Netflix option, for $10 cheaper per month. This reveals that you’re actually paying $10.00/month for your Netflix through Spark, but that’s still a saving of $83.88 per year.

2degreesbroadband2degrees: free Amazon Prime

2degrees offers free Amazon Prime Video (worth $8.99/month) for a year when you sign up to an unlimited broadband plan for 12 months. The subscription also comes with Prime Gaming benefits, including free games, free in-game content, and a free subscription. Free Amazon Prime available on:

Broadband plans

Unlimited ADSL, VDSL, fibre: $75/month ($65 with mobile plan)

Ultimate Unlimited (900Mbps/400Mbps): $90/per month ($80 with mobile plan)

Currently, 2degrees is also offering a $100 joining credit.

disney plus logo

Sky Broadband: free Disney+

Broadband newbie Sky Broadband is enticing new customers to sign up by offering Disney+ free for a year (worth $12.99/month) on a 12-month contract. Free Disney+ available on:

Broadband plans

Lightning Fast Sky Broadband (900Mbps/400Mbps): $109/month ($79/month with Sky Starter package)

WiFi 100 Sky Broadband (100Mbps/20Mbps): $89/month ($69/month with Sky Starter package)

Stream with the best broadband

If you want to watch streaming TV, an ultra-fast broadband plan is essential. And if you want to know more about the best providers in the market, Canstar can help.

To help you get a clearer picture of broadband providers in NZ, Canstar Blue rates all the big providers annually. We survey thousands of broadband customers and ask them to score their providers across categories including Value for Money, Network Performance and Customer Service.

Canstar Blue’s latest review of NZ internet providers compares NOW, 2degrees, Bigpipe, Contact, MyRepublic, Nova Energy, Orcon, Slingshot, Spark, Stuff Fibre, Trustpower and Vodafone, and awards the best our 5 Star rating:

See Our Ratings Methodology

The table above is an abridged version of our full research, so to find out more about NZ’s best broadband providers, just click on the big button at the bottom of this story.

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