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New Zealand’s Best Courier Service Revealed: CourierPost

CourierPost has taken out Canstar Blue’s award for Most Satisfied Customers | Courier Services. 

The world’s shopping landscape has changed in recent years. No longer do we need to visit a physical store to find what we want, with the click of a button and the magic of a courier service, our goods arrive on our doorstep in a matter of days.

The latest stats for 2019 show some two million Kiwis now shop online, nearly 50% of our adult population. Imagine, for every 1000 shoppers, 500 are heading to their online stores of choice. And it’s a style of spending that’s growing in both our North and South Islands. In fact, online spend in the South grew by 19% in 2019, compared to 14% in the North Island.

As part of our mission to inform consumers of the best NZ has to offer, Canstar Blue canvassed the opinions of NZ small business owners who had used a courier for business purposes in the past year, across a range of categories, to measure and track their satisfaction.

To decide which Courier Service provider offers the best level of customer satisfaction, each was rated across the following categories:

  • Booking Process
  • Delivery Timeliness Options
  • Pick Up and Drop Off Options
  • Problem Resolution
  • Reliability of Service
  • Tracking Services
  • Value for Money

Coming out on top for the second year in a row is CourierPost. The only courier to earn a 5 Star satisfaction rating, it also took out 5 Star ratings for Tracking Services and Pick Up and Drop Off Options. New Zealand Couriers and NZ Post both earned a 4 Star Overall rating, plus three 5 Star ratings. This is a great achievement for New Zealand Couriers, which improved considerably on its 2019 ratings. 

What Kiwis Want in a Courier Service 

It’s not surprising that when asked about the biggest drivers of their satisfaction with their courier providers, the respondents in our survey highlighted reliability and problem resolution as the biggest factors. This is understandable; as a small business owner you want to be sure the products you send out will 100% get to your customers.

How much are New Zealanders spending online?

Recent figures show online sales accounted for 9.8% of our total retail spend by the end of 2019. Domestic online spend was worth a whopping $4.7 billion. One key area of continued growth was shoppers actively choosing to buy locally. The research shows Kiwi shoppers favoured domestic retailers over their international counterparts, outspending them by $891 million to $532 million.

So, if you want to ensure that your package gets to its destination on time, on the back of Canstar’s research, it makes sense to choose CourierPost, who are delivering the ongoing success of NZ’s small businesses.

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