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Fuel efficiency revs up women’s car selection

A fuel-efficient car is far more likely to drive women’s vehicle selection, compared with their male counterparts, Canstar Blue research reveals.

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A guide to Toyota cars in New Zealand

A review of the Toyota New Zealand vehicle range. Canstar Blue looks at what’s on offer and how much Toyota vehicles cost.

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A guide to Hyundai cars in New Zealand

What cars does Hyundai sell in New Zealand? Hyundai vehicles, features, prices and more at Canstar Blue.

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Coloured Tyres used as plant holders

A guide to recycling old car tyres

Millions of tyres are illegally dumped every year in New Zealand, which has adverse effects on the environment. Find out how to recycle your tyres responsibly.

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tyre being held with gloves

A guide to fuel-efficient car tyres

Fuel-efficient tyres have a low rolling resistance, which means they minimise the amount of fuel required to move the car. But are they worth the cost?

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