The Dyson vacuum cleaner that’s no pushover

If you’ve got a busy household that’s heavily lived-in, then chances are busting out the vacuum cleaner is a high annoyance of a weekend morning. Australian homes are full of frustrated men and women dragging around old vacuums that seem to make life more difficult – falling over at every turn. But here comes the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

It’s another intuitive model in the Dyson lineup, designed with usability and a pain-free experience in mind. Well, as pain free as vacuuming can be. Anything that turns vacuuming into a more fluid process is welcome at Canstar Blue. Not only does the Big Ball do a typically Dyson job at vacuuming, but you can never keep it down – literally.

How does the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball work?

We all know how painful vacuuming can be – particularly when dragging a cumbersome model around corners. Chances are if your vacuum topples over mid-clean then you’ll be prematurely teaching your kids some expletives they’re not ready for. Here are some features that explain why the Dyson Big Ball takes away a lot of problems associated with vacuuming cleaning:

Its design brings the dust barrel much closer to the ball. It also features an electric motor much lower in the chassis. Think of it like a sports car, low-slung, lightweight and with an engine low to the ground – this makes for superior handling on the racetrack with a low centre of gravity. Similarly, the Dyson Big Ball has superior handling around the house.

The Big Ball can take a beating and won’t topple over. The vacuum has a huge wheel on each side, which makes the body super-sturdy going around corners. This might seem trivial, but this combined with its ball technology makes the vacuum cleaner much easier to handle. This stops wasting your time going back and having to pick up your toppled-over vacuum.

Other cool features include:

  • The new Big Ball model comes with a 33 per cent larger bin.
  • Its HEPA-rated glass-packed filter is tested to work over the entire expected life of the vacuum.
  • No filters to wash or clean and no bags are needed.
  • Dyson claims the Big Ball requires no maintenance, and loses no suction throughout the life of the product.

See the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball in action for yourself:

Is the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball worth the money?

Before we delve into Big Ball prices, we must note that there are a few models to choose from that we’ll break down. Overall, there are four Cinetic models in the Dyson lineup. They are:

  • Big Ball Animal Pro – $1,149: If your home sometimes represents more of a barnhouse than a place for people, then the Animal Pro could be for you. It’s the most serious vacuum in the Cinetic Big Ball lineup, and it packs a punch when it comes to cleaning up pet hair. It’s also allergy-free. At nearly a grand, this vacuum is for your more heavy-duty households requiring regular vacuuming.
  • Big Ball Animal – $1,099: Although not as heavy-duty as the Pro, the Animal is no amateur. Similar to the Pro, this model is designed for pet hair, and is designed to be allergy-friendly.
  • Big Ball Allergy – $999: A strong mid-range contender, the Allergy is no pushover. It is designed to be allergy-friendly, so it won’t leave your household spluttering while you bust out the vacuum.
  • Big Ball Multi-Floor – $899: An entry into the Cinetic lineup, the Multi-Floor is not as heavy duty as the other models, but is still engineered to be a great little runner. If your vacuuming needs are not as serious – or perhaps there’s a smaller area to vacuum – then the Multi-Floor could be for you.

It’s important to note that all Big Balls contain the same anti-topple technology and are all intuitive products, streets ahead of any technological competition. The thing about Dyson is that you aren’t just paying for a name – since the brand’s inception in 1993, Dyson has aimed to be at the forefront of usability and technology, and not just when it comes to vacuum cleaners.

While their prices may be a little hard to swallow for some, at the end of the day, you pay for quality. And Dyson has made sure their strongest products are now even stronger for robust household vacuuming. Overall, if you’re in the market for a new vacuum cleaner, and can stomach over $600, then a Dyson Cinetic Big Ball may be an option for you.

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