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Best Electric Heaters to Keep You Warm This Winter

Posted by May 4th 2021

Co-author: Nicole Barratt Portable electric heaters are affordable to buy and easy to use by simply plugging them into the wall. All electric heaters are equally efficient by converting the electricity they consume into useful heat, …

Why you need to hire a conveyancer

Posted by July 17th 2020

Canstar Blue explains why you need to hire a conveyancer whether you’re buying or selling a home. Find out how much it costs.

The Best Shows on Lightbox NZ

Posted by June 14th 2018

For the most entertaining, thrilling and compelling programmes, streaming service Lightbox NZ has arguably the best on offer. While you might have to rent movies on Lightbox, it still offers plenty of award-winning television series …

The Best Shows to Watch on Netflix NZ

Posted by June 14th 2018

It’s the end of Daylight Savings. The days are getting shorter. The rain is more frequent and the temperature is cooler. If any of this makes you feel down, then you clearly are not watching …

Detail of a simulated car accident.

Car Safety: What does it actually mean?

Posted by January 10th 2019

When utilising a vehicle, oftentimes people focus on the purpose of the vehicle which is getting from Point A to Point B. Ultimately, the drive behind the purchase is to enhance your convenience for mobility. Of …

Samsung tv

Samsung throws a curveball with new SUHD TV

Posted by January 30th 2018

Just when you thought the TV was dead, Samsung goes and makes a curved TV that promises to change the game. How does it stack up? Read our review.

Green smoothie

A Review of the Vitamix S30

Posted by November 9th 2018

The Vitamix S30 is the super machine of the blender market. It’s a powerful beast, but is it worth the money?

dog in car

Safety tips for taking pets on the road

Posted by July 17th 2020

For many, a pet is part of the family - so make sure you keep them safe when you hit the road. Here are some tips on looking after pets on your next drive.