Martin Kovacs

Martin Kovacs Martin Kovacs is a freelance journalist with a background in the IT and petroleum industries. Having started out reporting on petroleum, Martin branched out into IT, and over the past few years has been a regular freelance contributor to a number of publications. Martin continues to write for both industries.

What are the Best Budget Smartphones?

Posted by April 28th 2021

Budget smartphones may not be teeming with the trendsetting trappings typically found in new-release flagships. However it is still possible to pick up a model with a solid range of features for under $300. In …

What is Kogan Mobile and What Plans Does it Offer?

Posted by April 12th 2021

Kogan Mobile arrived in the local market towards the end of 2019, styling itself as a challenger brand poised to shake things up with a competitive alternative for Kiwi phone users. Its prepay plans come …

What Are the Best Mid-Range Smartphones?

Posted by March 30th 2021

If you're looking for a new-release smartphone with all the tech features, but without a steep price tag, a mid-range model could well fit the bill. While mid-range smartphones don't attract the same level of …

Rating the Best External Storage Options

Posted by March 19th 2021

Is your desktop, laptop or smartphone chock-full of files? Has freeing up space become an increasingly pressing and persistent chore? Well, it could be time to harness external storage to help divvy the data load. There …

Fixed-Rate Power Plans: the Pros and Cons

Posted by March 15th 2021

There’s no denying we’re all wanting cheaper electricity bills at the end of the month, well fixed-term electricity contracts could be the way to do it!

A Guide to Solar Water Heating

Posted by February 23rd 2021

For most households, water heating makes up a significant share of electricity costs. One option to lower your power bill is to switch to a solar water heating system. However, the initial investment can be …

Which Tablet is Best For You? A Buyer’s Guide

Posted by February 15th 2021

From entertainment to work applications, touchscreen tablets are a great tech tool, and there's an ever-evolving array to choose from. But how do you know which is the best tablet for you? If you're shopping around …

Which is Better: Samsung Galaxy S21 Vs iPhone 12

Posted by February 15th 2021

Samsung Galaxy S21 vs iPhone 12, which is better? It's something of an understatement to say that the rivalry runs deep between Samsung and Apple. The two tech heavyweights have long set the bar for …

Spark vs 2degrees: Mobile Plans Comparison

Posted by January 18th 2021

As two of New Zealand's largest and most popular mobile service providers, Spark and 2degrees are locked in constant competition to keep customers connected and happy. So, when it comes to a head-to-head rundown of …