Martin Kovacs

Martin Kovacs Martin Kovacs is a freelance writer with experience covering the business, consumer technology and utilities sectors. Martin has written about a wide range of topics across both print and digital publications, including the manner in which industry continues to adapt and evolve amid the rollout of new technologies

What is starlink? Satellite broadband

Starlink Satellite Internet: All You Need to Know

Posted by September 23rd 2021

A sky-high internet network has arrived here in New Zealand. Rolled out by Elon Musk's aerospace company SpaceX, Starlink is bringing faster broadband internet to rural and remote communities. Spanning a growing ecosystem of low-orbit …

EV power plans

EV Power Plans: The Best Power Plans for Electric Vehicles

Posted by September 2nd 2021

Electric vehicle (EV) sales have skyrocketed following the recent introduction of the Clean Car Discount. Canny car buyers are lining up to take advantage of the rebate scheme. In fact, according to the Ministry of …

Broadband Speed Test: Troubleshooting Internet Speed

Posted by September 23rd 2021

Slow and intermittent internet speeds can be extremely frustrating. Especially if you've signed up for a high-speed broadband plan, yet continue to suffer from not so high speeds. While there are a number of potential …

smartphone photo of mountains

Capturing the Moment: What to Look for in a Smartphone Camera

Posted by August 12th 2021

If you're looking to get snap-happy with your next smartphone, you're in luck. Almost all new-release smartphones sport versatile and easy-to-use camera systems. However, if you want to avoid blurry smiles, glaring red eyes and …

How to Cut Your Mobile Data Usage

Posted by July 27th 2021

Getting the most out of your smartphone usually means burning through a heap of mobile data. If you’re not on the right plan, it could end up costing you. But before considering a new mobile …

Vodafone Rewards: What’s the Deal?

Posted by July 27th 2021

Are you a Vodafone customer with an eye for a deal? If so, it could be worthwhile keeping tabs on the freebies available under the Vodafone Rewards loyalty program. From discounted movies, to early concert …

Renewable Energy in NZ: What’s Available?

Posted by September 2nd 2021

Green power has come a long way in recent years. Increasingly, renewable energy sources are being harnessed by generators at a wider grid level. And more and more households are looking for renewable energy options. …

Best Prepaid Electricity Providers in New Zealand

Posted by September 2nd 2021

Prepaid electricity plans may be a good option to get your power up and running quickly if you have a history of bad credit. And they can help to keep tabs on your household's ongoing …