Martin Kovacs

Martin Kovacs Martin Kovacs is a freelance journalist with a background in the IT and petroleum industries. Having started out reporting on petroleum, Martin branched out into IT, and over the past few years has been a regular freelance contributor to a number of publications. Martin continues to write for both industries.

wireless headphones

Get Ahead with Wireless Headphones!

Posted by May 18th 2020

So long tangled headphone cables? Going wireless will allow for greater mobility while you tune in to your favourite playlist or podcast, however it is important to choose a style of headphones suited for your …

5G Phones

5G: Is It Worth the Hype?

Posted by June 3rd 2020

It is, of course, still early days, however the transformative potential of 5G is well documented. The 5G rollout is poised to usher in a new age of connectivity, bringing into play a range of …

Electricity Bills

The Best Electric Heaters to Cut Your Power Bills This Winter

Posted by April 24th 2020

As noted by the Electricity Authority, for the large majority of consumers on fixed-price contracts, the sole reason bills rise during winter is because more power is used for electric heater – and, while a …

High power usage

Power Bill Hardship: What Do Consumers Need To Know?

Posted by June 24th 2020

Managing power bills can be an ongoing challenge for those experiencing financial difficulties, and it's critical that consumers who find themselves struggling with energy hardship are aware of their rights, what actions need to be …

couple with sold house

What do real estate agents actually do?

Posted by May 6th 2020

Buying or selling a property is a significant undertaking and real estate agents can streamline the process. What do agents do and how can they help?

Getting connected to UFB- How much data is enough?

Getting connected to UFB: How much data is enough?

Posted by June 3rd 2020

As the Ultra-Fast Broadband (UFB) network continues to be rolled out around the country, consumers may be considering how much data they need, and whether opting for an unlimited plan is ultimately the way to …