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Martin Kovacs Martin Kovacs is a freelance writer with experience covering the business, consumer technology and utilities sectors. Martin has written about a wide range of topics across both print and digital publications, including the manner in which industry continues to adapt and evolve amid the rollout of new technologies

How to Cut Your Mobile Data Usage

Posted by July 27th 2021

Getting the most out of your smartphone usually means burning through a heap of mobile data. If you’re not on the right plan, it could end up costing you. But before considering a new mobile …

Vodafone Rewards: What’s the Deal?

Posted by July 27th 2021

Are you a Vodafone customer with an eye for a deal? If so, it could be worthwhile keeping tabs on the freebies available under the Vodafone Rewards loyalty program. From discounted movies, to early concert …

Renewable Energy in NZ: What’s Available?

Posted by September 2nd 2021

Green power has come a long way in recent years. Increasingly, renewable energy sources are being harnessed by generators at a wider grid level. And more and more households are looking for renewable energy options. …

Best Prepaid Electricity Providers in New Zealand

Posted by September 2nd 2021

Prepaid electricity plans may be a good option to get your power up and running quickly if you have a history of bad credit. And they can help to keep tabs on your household's ongoing …

Unlimited Data: NZ’s Best Phone Data Deals

Posted by June 15th 2021

According to Canstar Blue's latest research, we're increasingly staring into our phones. But rather than making traditional calls, we're chewing through data. These days data allowances are the major concern for most of us when …

What is Sky Broadband & Should You Sign Up?

Posted by June 10th 2021

A broadband service with a point of difference has landed in the local market. Sky has taken the wraps off its long-mooted Sky Broadband service, paving the way for you to bundle and save. Broadband …

What is JustWatch – the Free Streaming Guide?

Posted by August 25th 2021

Keeping up to speed with all the streaming content out there has become an increasingly tall order in recent years. It can often take a fair bit of digital digging around before you can settle …

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Shared Data Mobile Plans: How to Share & Save Money!

Posted by May 20th 2021

You might be accustomed to going it alone when it comes to your mobile phone plan. However there can be benefits to sharing the love, and your data, by banding together with family and friends …

Vodafone SuperWifi: What is it and is it Worth the Money?

Posted by August 3rd 2021

Vodafone launched its SuperWifi broadband deal earlier this year with a guarantee of “wall-to-wall in-home wi-fi coverage or a $100 credit”. In addition, Vodafone promotes SuperWifi as providing users greater control over their home internet. This …

Best Broadband Deals NZ

NZ’s Best Broadband Deals

Posted by May 7th 2021

For consumers on the hunt for a cheap broadband deal, there's no time like the present to be checking out what the market has to offer. As the ultra-fast broadband (UFB) rollout continues around the …