Martin Kovacs

Martin Kovacs Martin Kovacs is a freelance writer with experience covering the business, consumer technology and utilities sectors. Martin has written about a wide range of topics across both print and digital publications, including the manner in which industry continues to adapt and evolve amid the rollout of new technologies

Wi-fi hotspot mobile phone

A Complete Guide to Setting Up a Wi-Fi Hotspot

Posted by December 22nd 2020

Fear not, if you're out and about and don't have wi-fi internet connection, the answer to your wireless woes may be far closer than you realise. In fact, it may literally be within hand's reach. …

Super-fast Broadband Plans: How Fast is Fast Enough?

Posted by December 17th 2020

Fast internet is all well and good, but what if you're really looking to crank it up another notch? The UFB rollout has paved the way for increasingly super-fast broadband offerings, and retailers are bringing …

The Lowdown On No-contract Broadband Deals

Posted by December 3rd 2020

In life, sometimes you don't want to be tied down. Instead of a long-term relationship, you want something more casual. And what's true of the heart, also applies to broadband. Rather than committing to a …

Wireless Broadband: Is it Right for Your Household?

Posted by June 29th 2021

If you're looking for quick and easy internet access, without the commitment of a cable connection, home wireless broadband could be the way forward. Wireless modems typically deliver plug-and-play functionality, making it possible to get …

Fitness Trackers

A Complete Guide to Fitness Trackers

Posted by March 3rd 2021

If you're serious about exercise, a fitness tracker is a great way to keep your health program on track. And the latest fitness trackers do so much more than simply monitor the number of steps …

Smart Watch Guide

A Complete Guide to Buying a Smart Watch

Posted by October 27th 2020

The history of horology (clockmaking) has always been about the smart watch, and not just telling the time. First came lavish sundials, then elaborate clocks and pocket watches and, in the 1980s, technology brought us …

Smart Speakers: A Buyer’s Guide

Posted by October 14th 2020

Over the past few years, smart speakers have become a staple of the always switched-on home. Through voice command alone, they give you control over an ever-growing range of services. From playing music, to accessing the …

Blue Switching to a smaller electricity provider

Switching Electricity Companies: Big vs Small Providers

Posted by October 2nd 2020

The big electricity retailers may dominate in terms of customer numbers. But, in recent years, many smaller retailers have emerged, bringing greater diversity and choice to the market. And, if you want to make savings …

Smart Home Security

How to Keep Safe with the Best in Smart Home Security

Posted by September 18th 2020

Smart home security systems have become an increasingly accessible option for householders looking for protection for their homes. There are a range of affordable products available, and it's possible to set up a system specifically …