Olivia Fairhurst

Fibre Internet Plans Compared

Posted by March 18th 2019

Compare fibre internet plans at Canstar Blue. Skinny, Vodafone, Stuff Fibre, Slingshot NZ, 2degrees and Spark Fibre deals compared.

Top Movies on Netflix NZ

Posted by March 18th 2019

Canstar Blue has put together a list of the top Netflix movies you need to watch. New Zealand doesn’t get everything, but here are some great movies.

Energy Rewards on Offer in New Zealand

Posted by February 18th 2019

How does this sound – free electricity, free flights, free gifts, free fuel?! Well, you can receive all of this just by paying your power bill and here are the power companies who offer such …

Fixed-Term Electricity Contracts Explained

Posted by January 30th 2019

There’s no denying we’re all wanting cheaper electricity bills at the end of the month, well fixed-term electricity contracts could be the way to do it!

A guide to smart watches in New Zealand

Posted by January 16th 2019

Over recent years, wearable technology has expanded into many households, with products such as the smart watch becoming commonplace amongst consumers. The futuristic feeling of having a smartphone on your wrist, as well as the …

Amazon Prime Video NZ Review & Guide

Posted by January 10th 2019

As the latest streaming juggernaut to hit New Zealand’s shores, Amazon Prime Video comes with a big reputation. But is the hype justified? Find out how you can get Amazon Prime in NZ, what you …