Genesis Energy's New EVerywhere Scheme

Genesis Energy’s New EVerywhere Scheme: Charge your EV for Cheap!

Genesis Energy has introduced cheap rates for charging your electric car on the go, thanks to its new EVerywhere scheme.

What is EVerywhere?

EVerywhere is a new scheme from Genesis Energy. Genesis customers on its EV plan can use ChargeNet’s network of public charging stations for the same price they’d pay at home, instead of paying the standard (and more expensive) public charging rates.

How does it work?

EVerywhere works by linking your ChargeNet account to your Genesis Energy IQ app. When you charge your EV, the amount you pay through your ChargeNet account is synced to match your current home power rate.

The charges are then included as part of your regular Genesis Energy bill.

How much does public charging typically cost?

At most public charging stations, the average rate is usually around $10 for 100km of charge. While that’s still significantly cheaper than what you’d pay at the gas pump to travel the same distance in a petrol car, it’s also significantly more expensive than what you pay to charge at home.

On average, charging at home only costs about $3 for 100km of charge. Although, with the right EV power plan, you could end up paying about half of that amount, or even less!

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How fast is public charging?

The actual speed varies based on factors such as the model of your car, the age of the battery, and the charger itself. But broadly speaking, ChargeNet advises that just 15 minutes of charging will provide:

  • 2km of range on a standard 2kw at-home charger
  • 10km of range on a standard 7kw at-home charger
  • 33km of range on a 25w fast charger
  • 66km of range on a 50w fast charger
  • 400km of range on a 300w fast charger

How do I get EVerywhere?

EVerywhere is an add-on to Genesis Energy’s existing EV power plan. To be eligible for the EVerywhere scheme you must:

  1. Be a Genesis residential electricity customer on the Energy EV Plan
  2. Use your EV for private use at all times
  3. Have an active account with ChargeNet
  4. Have a single ChargeNet account linked to Genesis and;
  5. Provide Genesis with the email address and account number of your ChargeNet account which we will share with ChargeNet for the purpose of linking the two accounts

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What else do I need to know?

  • You can use EVerywhere at 25w, 50w, and 300w ChargeNet stations for no extra cost. 50w and 300w chargers usually cost more than 25w options
  • Your ChargeNet account balance must be at zero, otherwise, you will be charged the full ChargeNet rate
  • Some ChargeNet locations are excluded from the promotion
  • Billing will appear through your Genesis account
  • Other potential ChargeNet costs, such as idle and fob key charges, are not covered by Genesis
  • Of the ChargeNet rate turns out to be lower than what you would have paid at home, Genesis will charge you the cheaper ChargeNet price

For more details and terms and conditions, visit the Genesis website here.

Is EVerywhere worth it?

This will mainly come down to you and your habits.

If you already use public charging stations regularly, then EVerywhere could offer some serious savings. Based on the above figures, about $7 each charge!

But if you very rarely use public chargers, then EVerywhere will probably offer you little benefit. As EVerywhere doesn’t provide any further discounts for at-home charging. Although Genesis’ EV plan does offer half-priced power from 9pm-midnight every day.

However, if your only reason for avoiding public chargers is the cost then you might find EVerywhere removes that barrier, and provides you with the convenience and confidence to take your EV further. After all, Genesis states that range anxiety is one of the biggest issues that plague EV owners. So providing low-cost on-the-go charging can certainly help with this.

If you don’t intend on using public chargers…

If you have a fast charger installed at home or are happy charging at home slowly, again, EVerywhere probably won’t offer much benefit. In this case, you’ll want to pay the cheapest rates possible for at-home charging, which may or may not be from Genesis.

If you’re an EV owner you might find opting for a provider that provides cheaper off-peak power, or even free power, is better suited to getting the most out of at-home charging. Especially as you can also use the cheaper power hours to run your dryer, take a long shower, and warm your home.

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