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Cheapest Mobile Phone Plans

Paying Too Much for Mobile? NZ’s Cheapest Mobile Plans

Are you paying too much to use your mobile? A new report by the Commerce Commission reveals that a quarter of Kiwis are paying too much, and not accessing the cheapest mobile plans to match …

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Kiwis’ Top Pet Food Picks: Pedigree and Fancy Feast

We all love our pets dearly. In most households, they’re considered an additional furry member of the family. So it’s no surprise that we want to make sure they’re receiving delicious pet food and top-notch …

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How Electricity Apps Can Help Cut Your Power Bill

Keeping regular tabs on your electricity usage is the first step to smaller bills. Knowing when and why you’re burning through electricity gives you the insight to cut your bills. And, thanks to smartphones and …

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A Complete Cost Guide to NZ Streaming Services 2020


Netflix is no newcomer in New Zealand, but the popular streaming service continuously adds new shows and movies to its platform. Netflix has built a reputation for creating entertaining originals, too, which keep fans hooked. …

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Best Multivitamins and Immune-boosters for Spring

1. Citrus fruits
Get your fill of oranges, mandarins, lemons and any other citrus fruits available in spring. Vitamin C is found in excess in citrus fruits. We all know it helps fight colds and flu, …

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