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Switching Power Companies? Here’s What To Look For

Posted by December 2nd 2020

Understandably, Kiwis want to save as much as possible off their electricity bills. The average NZ household paid $2067 for power in the year from March 2019 to March 2020, according to government statistics. Thankfully, …


Top Heat Pumps in New Zealand: What to Consider

Posted by December 2nd 2020

Heat pumps aren’t just an option for keeping toes toasty in winter. As they offer the ability to cool air, as well as heat it, more people across the country are turning to heat pumps …

Kiwis’ Favourite Ice Cream Brand Revealed

Posted by November 19th 2020

New Zealanders are among the biggest fans in the world of the delectable and lickable summer treat that is ice cream. Whether it's dished up in a cone, scooped into a bowl or simply a …

Canstar Blue Celebrates its 10-Year Anniversary

Posted by December 4th 2020

Happy Birthday! Canstar Blue is celebrating its 10-year anniversary. To commemorate a decade of helping Kiwi consumers make informed choices, we're revisiting our awards and recognising some of the outstanding brands that have dominated our …

Wireless Broadband: Is it Right for Your Household?

Posted by November 10th 2020

If you're looking for quick and easy internet access, without the commitment of a cable connection, home wireless broadband could be the way forward. Wireless modems typically deliver plug-and-play functionality, making it possible to get …

How to Pick the Perfect Printer for Your Home Office

Posted by November 5th 2020

A printer can be a handy component of your home office, whether you regularly print a plethora of pages, or simply require the occasional document. Depending on your printing propensity, the right printer can provide …

Simple Guide to Finding the Cheapest Power Deals

Posted by November 4th 2020

At Canstar Blue, our mission is to help consumers discover the best deals. But sniffing out the best power deals can seem complicated. To start with there are so many different power companies: 13 in …