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Cheapest Electric Blankets For Winter

Posted by April 27th 2022

Author: Megan Birot If you’re looking to keep it hot in the bedroom this winter, an electric blanket may just be the sleeping companion you didn’t know you needed. An electric blanket is perfect for warming …

Carpet Court: The Best in Flooring

Carpet Court: The Best in Flooring

Posted by April 26th 2022

The flooring in your home is crucial to the overall look and feel of a room. Whether beautiful wooden floors, statement bathroom tiles, or plush carpets, your choice of flooring is essential for both your …

Harrisons Curtains & Blinds: Best in Home Furnishings

Posted by April 13th 2022

How you style your home and your choice of home furnishings has an important part to play in transforming your house into a family home. Curtains, blinds and soft furnishings are little extras that can …

Simple Guide to Finding the Cheapest Power Deals

Posted by April 5th 2022

At Canstar Blue, our mission is to help consumers discover the best deals. But sniffing out the cheapest power deals can seem complicated. To start with there are so many different power companies: 14 in …

home security - security camera outside house

Ring: New Zealand’s Choice for Home Security

Posted by March 24th 2022

Home Security isn't a new industry, but it's one that's changed a lot over recent years. In the past, the go-to method of security was a hard-wired system of motion sensors throughout a home linked …

Skinny NZ’s Cheapest Broadband Deal

Posted by March 25th 2022

Unlimited broadband at 300mbps/100mbps for $52 per month. Yep, you read that correctly: $52 per month! No frills internet provider Skinny's new deal really is that cheap. But is it a good deal, and is it …

Vodafone SuperWifi: What Is It and Is It Worth the Money?

Vodafone SuperWifi: What Is It and Is It Worth the Money?

Posted by March 24th 2022

Vodafone's SuperWifi broadband deal is promising end-to-end, wall-to-wall, wi-fi coverage in your home. Guaranteed or you get a $100 credit back. For those accustomed to patchy signals and buffering, it sounds like a dream. So how …

Boy playing Playstation 5

PlayStation 5: Where to Buy the PS5

Posted by June 7th 2022

You wouldn't know it, but the PlayStation 5 has been on shelves for well over a year now. Well, in theory at least, on shelves may be an over-exaggeration. The PS5 was released back in …

Resene: New Zealand’s Favourite House Paint

Posted by March 24th 2022

One of the cheapest and easiest ways to update your home is with a fresh coat of house paint. Nothing revamps a living space like switching from Antique White to Whisper White. Or maybe Astor …