NZ’s Favourite Streaming Services

Is Netflix still NZ’s favourite streaming service, or has Disney+ taken top spot? The latest figures reveal what’s hot on the streaming charts.

If you’re into streaming and have never heard of JustWatch, here’s a quick heads-up. JustWatch is a streaming guide that collates all the big players, meaning you don’t have to individually access each streaming service to find what you’re after.

For instance, type in the name of a show or movie, and JustWatch will list and provide links to all the platforms on which you can stream, rent or buy the show/movie. You can even filter by best price (including whether it’s available for free), and availability in SD, HD or 4K resolution.

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Of course, as JustWatch is across all the main streaming services in NZ, it knows what we’re watching. And it’s just released its latest viewing figures, which reveal that while Netflix still tops the streaming charts, Disney + is hot on its heels.

Disney+ streaming service is on the rise

In the second quarter of this year, Disney+ managed to gain a 1% lead over Neon to become the third-largest streaming service in New Zealand. Prime Video sits in second, trailing market leader Netflix by 6%. Free service TVNZ remains the smallest player, at 6%.

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Market growth

Prime Video, Disney+, and TVNZ each gained 1% throughout Q2. This growth clearly has had a direct impact on both Netflix and Neon, which each fell 1% during the same period. ​​​​​​​

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