What is Sky Broadband & Should You Sign Up?

For years Sky was all about satellite, but on the back of its streaming services, Sky’s now offering its own broadband service. So what is Sky Broadband and should you sign up? Canstar Blue explains.

A broadband service with a point of difference has landed in the local market. Sky has taken the wraps off its long-mooted Sky Broadband service, paving the way for you to bundle and save. Broadband bundles have, of course, become pretty standard fare in recent times. However Sky’s offer stands out from the crowd by bundling broadband with its satellite Sky TV service.

From mobile, electricity and entertainment-focused broadband bundles, there is simply no shortage of bundle deals on offer. However, the combination of broadband and satellite TV presents something with a slight twist. And, as we explain below, while cumulative costs need to be considered, there’s a fairly compelling case for Sky TV subscribers to sign up. Especially since Sky Broadband is currently offering a free 12-month Disney+ membership for new subscribers.

In the following guide, we take a look at what the Sky Broadband offer encompasses, including the significant price difference for Sky TV subscribers and non-subscribers, its key features and how it compares to other broadband deals.

What is Sky Broadband & Should You Sign Up? In this article we cover:

Sky Broadband: Better off bundling

Sky Broadband is available for both Sky TV subscribers and non-subscribers. And, as a starting point, it’s worthwhile highlighting the price difference between bundling with Sky TV or using Sky Broadband as a standalone service.

Sky Broadband comprises a choice of two fibre plans – Lightning Fast WiFi and WiFi 100 – both of which are available on 12-month contracts. The basic details for each plan are outlined in the table below.

Plan Monthly data Download/upload Cost (per month)*
Lightning Fast WiFi Unlimited Up to 900/400Mbps

Sky TV subscriber: $79

Non-subscriber: $109

WiFi 100 Unlimited Up to 100/20Mbps

Sky TV subscriber: $69

Non-subscriber: $89

As the final column shows, the price difference for Sky TV subscribers and non-subscribers works out to a weighty $30 per month for the Lightning Fast WiFi plan and $20 per month for the WiFi 100 plan.

Of course, keep in mind the additional Sky TV subscription costs when weighing up the bundle price. Sky Starter (the base Sky TV package) is $25.99 per month. This means that the minimum bundle price per month will be:

  • Lightning Fast WiFi ($79) with Sky Starter ($25.99) totals $104.99 per month
  • WiFi 100 ($69) with Sky Starter ($25.99) totals $94.99 per month

On top of this, there is the potential one-off Sky TV installation cost. Plus any extra packages in addition to Sky Starter (Sky Sport, Sky Entertainment and Sky Movies), and a number of other additional features, can bump up the total monthly cost.

Clearly the value to be had with Sky Broadband is by bundling. And if you’re keen on a combination of broadband and Sky TV, it’s certainly worthwhile checking out the finer details of the Sky TV packages.

One extra incentive is that Sky Broadband is now offering a free 12-month Disney+ membership for all new subscribers, until 31 May, 2022. A Disney+ 12-month membership is currently $119.99, which is quite a big additional saving.

As we discuss further on, there are alternative options worthwhile considering. However, first let’s dig a bit deeper into Sky Broadband’s features.

Sky Broadband features: Wi-Fi 6 and boosters

As we mention above, Sky Broadband’s plans are available on 12-month contracts. If you’re interested in either, you can head on over to the Sky website to check the options available at your address.

Among Sky Broadband’s range of features, it notably comes with a Wi-Fi 6 router. Sky describes it as “grunty enough to reach from the lounge room to the throne room in an average Kiwi home”.

If, however, extra coverage is required, Sky also provides the option to upgrade to a “Boost Plan”. This is an additional $10 per month, and includes up to two Wi-Fi boosters to extend coverage.

In addition to this, Sky Broadband’s features include:

  • DIY setup – you can self-install, with quick-start router and booster guides available via the Sky website, along with a number of video tutorials
  • Assisted set-up – at a cost of $150, one of Sky’s “Super Set-Up Technicians” will visit your home to get your Wi-Fi up and running, using boosters where necessary
  • Home phone plans – Sky Broadband’s Home Phone Plan can be added at a cost of $10 per month. National and international calling plans are available on top of this
  • Local service – Sky’s local call centre has a dedicated Sky Broadband team at the ready to help
  • BYO router – Sky recommends using the Sky Broadband router. However you can use your own router, and Sky advises that Sky Broadband will work with most routers (compatibility information is available via the Sky website)
  • Free 12-month Disney+ membership – worth $119.99

Given that Sky Broadband is available on a 12-month contract, keep in mind that exit fees apply if you terminate your contract early. These are determined by the months remaining on your contract.

The Sky website contains a range of information on Sky Broadband. A dedicated help page covers a variety of topics, so it’s worthwhile checking this out if you’re interested in the service.

How does Sky Broadband compare?

When comparing Sky Broadband to other broadband services, it obviously needs to be considered on its terms as both a standalone and bundle offering. And, as discussed, the real value is to be found in the bundle deal.

If you’re primarily keen on Sky TV, one of your first points of comparison should be Vodafone’s 12-month VodafoneTV and broadband bundles, which include a VodafoneTV box (featuring a range of built-in free-to-air channels and apps) and a choice of Sky TV packages.

The VodafoneTV box (which streams Sky TV over a broadband connection) can also be purchased as a standalone device, which allows you to subscribe to Sky TV packages on a monthly basis (meaning there is no 12-month contract commitment).

It’s also worthwhile exploring whether the content you’re after is available online (such as via Sky Sport Now or Sky’s Neon platform). If you’re simply keen on an entertainment-focused bundle, Spark currently offers plans packaged with Netflix, while 2degrees packages plans with Prime Video.

Ultimately, it will likely come down to the type of content you’re keen on. And in weighing up how the Sky Broadband bundle compares, it’s worthwhile considering both the range and cost of the content on offer, and how this compares to other bundle and standalone streaming services.

Sky broadband logo

Should you sign up?

As discussed, if you’re currently a Sky TV subscriber, and are looking around for a new broadband plan, either of the Sky Broadband plans compare well with other similar plans currently available, and will no doubt look pretty tempting. Also, the Disney+ offer adds great additional value.

Similarly, if you’re keen on signing up for Sky TV, it is worthwhile looking into creating additional value by bundling it with a Sky Broadband plan. However, in assessing what Sky TV has to offer, be sure to also compare it to the growing range of streaming options available.

If standalone broadband is your main priority, the case for Sky Broadband will likely be less compelling. It’s worthwhile weighing up how both the Sky TV subscriber and non-subscriber plans and costs compare with the offerings of other providers.

Also keep in mind that should your content priorities change further down the track, there’s certainly no shortage of streaming services available that provide the flexibility of a monthly subscription.

*Further information on pricing can be found at the Sky website. This should be used as a starter guide and not considered an actual quote.

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