Best Broadband Deals NZ

NZ’s Best Broadband Deals

There’s more to the best broadband deals than just cheap prices. Canstar Blue reveals what you should look for in a great broadband plan as well as some of the best broadband plans available.

For consumers on the hunt for a cheap broadband deal, there’s no time like the present to check out what the market has to offer.

Plus there are plenty of discounts and free subscriptions being thrown about in an effort to entice new customers. Could a free Netflix plan be enough to consider switching providers?

In this article, we take a look at what you need to consider when seeking out a cheap broadband deal. Beyond just the price, keep in mind other factors, from data limits and speeds, to equipment costs, connection fees, customer service and contract length. Also, are retailers offering any additional incentives to sign you up?

For most households (up to four people) a 300/100Mbps broadband plan is enough to cater to all online gaming, streaming and browsing needs.

Below is an overview of 300/100Mbps broadband deals on offer from major providers in New Zealand.

Broadband Provider Unlimited Broadband Deal
$ Per Month
Modem shipping: $10
$68.75 (Includes current deal: 1 month free on 12-month contract)
($59.58 with $27 or above 4-weekly Skinny mobile plan)
Save further $5/m for 12 months for BYO modem.
Free modem on 12-month plan. $150 on open term.
Standard price: $75/m
Only offers broadband + power bundles
Bundle deals only, no fixed term:
$49: broadband + power
$70: fibre broadband + power
Slingshot* $77 (Includes deal: $20/m discount on 12-month contract)
(Current deal also includes extra $100 bonus credit, bringing total cost to $68.66/m for first 12 months)
BYO modem or rent one for $5/m
Standard price: $97/m
2degrees* $80 (Includes deal: $17/m discount on 12-month contract)
($70 with 2degrees monthly mobile plan)
BYO modem or rent one for $5/m
Bigpipe $79
$49 connection fee applies
Electric Kiwi
Only offers broadband + power bundles
$2.65/day (equivalent to $80.60/m)
BYO modem or buy/rent-to-buy one for $150.
Sky Broadband Non-Sky TV subscriber: $90 | Subscriber: $80
(Sky Starter Package, $25.99/m)
(Current deal: 50% off for first three months,
equal to $78.75/m | $70/m for first 12 months.)
One NZ* $91/m
($81/m with One NZ pay monthly mobile plan)
BYO modem or rent one for $4/m on 12-month plan
No fixed term with BYO modem
Nova Energy* $95 broadband only (no fixed term)
$75: broadband + power
Now $95
(10% power bundle discount + $5 per added mobile plan)
BYO modem or buy one for $120
Orcon* $97
Spark Modem extra $150,
or BYO on fibre plans*
(Includes Standard Netflix worth $18.49/m,
equivalent to $78.51/m.
Plus McAfee Security Standard,
worth $4.95/m)

*$15 one-off modem delivery fee (Prices correct as of 28/02/24)

If you live in a large household, or churn through data faster than a standard 300/100 plan can keep up with, you should consider Fibre Max.

Here’s an overview of the major internet providers in New Zealand, along with the advertised upload/download speeds of their Fibre Max (or equivalent) plans, plus their monthly costs. All prices are for standard plans before any current discounts/offers.

Provider Plan Speeds (Mbps) Cost p/m
2degrees Ultimate Unlimited
Hyperfibre 2
Hyperfibre 4
Bigpipe Elite 883/498 $109
Contact** Max Fibre 877/496 $85
Electric Kiwi** Sweet as Fibre 896/498 $88.50
Nova Energy Fibre Boost 861/498 $109
Now Ultra Unlimited 875/500 $105
One Fibre Max 905/498 $105
Orcon Fibre Pro 874/498 $109
Skinny Unlimited 883/498 $90
Sky Broadband Fibre Pro 861/498 $110
Slingshot Unlimited Gigantic 867/na $89
Spark Max Fibre Plus 883/498 $112

**Only available as utility bundle

Broadband deals: factors to keep in mind

Of course, the monthly cost of a broadband plan is a primary consideration for most consumers. However, it’s important that the plan offers the value you need. If the cheapest plan has slower speeds that hinder its use, or data limits that you exceed every month, then it’s not providing you good value for money. Even if it is the cheapest on the market.

So it’s important before you consider price, you consider your needs. Once you’ve done that, you can start comparing like-for-like plans. Of these plans, you’ll want to find a plan that provides the best value for money, not just the best price.

For example, a plan may be more expensive on paper, but it might include a free Netflix subscription, saving you the $18.49/month you currently spend on Netflix. Or you may find that your electricity provider offers a great discount when you bundle it with your broadband, while another provider offers free Nest wi-fi routers, giving you fantastic coverage even when you’re in the garage.

Some factors that you should consider when selecting a broadband plan are:

  • Speed and data caps – Do you just browse social media or are you into gaming? Is it just for you or for the whole family? Consider whether you’ll need an unlimited plan, and how fast a plan you need. Depending on what you choose, you could get download speeds anywhere between about 30Mbps up to 8000Mbps!
  • Type of broadband – Fibre is pretty much the standard, and offers the best speeds. But it requires a fibre network, which not all areas of the country have. If so, you may need an ADSL or VDSL or even a wireless broadband connection. Check what options are available to you.
  • Contract – Broadband is a fast-moving industry, with new plans, pricing, and singing on bonuses arriving by the week. If you lock yourself into a long term contract, you risk missing out on great new deals. On the other hand, many of the best deals are only available if you commit to a fixed-term contract.
  • Additional incentives – What else comes with the plan? Some retailers include free subscriptions to streaming services, or initial sign-up incentives, providing reduced monthly rates.
  • Bundling – If your broadband provider offers other services, like electricity or phone plans, you may be able to get better deals and discounts.
  • Router – A router can be a costly expense, and should be considered carefully. Some providers will charge you upfront for one, others will rent it at a monthly expense, and some will give you one for free (although it may be factored into the monthly broadband price). Or can you simply use an existing router you have at home? Furthermore, is the router provided a basic router, or a nest router that provides better connection and range, as well as smart features?
  • Everything else – Does your provider have a good app that allows you to track usage, pay bills, and make changes to your plan? Are the plans and bills easy to understand? Is there good customer service, with easy to reach phone help or in-person stores?

When you consider all the above, the cheapest plan may not be the best for you. Sure, your plan should come at a great price, but paying a few dollars more may prove to be better value in the long run.

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