Phone Plans for Seniors: The Best SuperGold Deals

A SuperGold card is a super perk! But did you know it can help you save on your phone and broadband plans? Find out how, with Canstar Blue.

A SuperGold card is packed full of benefits and discounts. SuperGold members love hopping around the city on free public transport, but there’s so much more on offer with your SuperGold card. Your SuperGold card can help you stay connected, with great phone and broadband deals exclusively for SuperGold members. 

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What’s on offer?

Two of New Zealand’s leading phone plan providers, Spark and 2degrees, offer SuperGold deals. While 2degrees offer gold card discounts on their existing plans, Spark has two gold plans specifically for seniors.




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Spark offers two Gold mobile plans for those 65 and over. Not only are these plans available to seniors, but they are catered to their needs. They offer plenty of call minutes, low fees, and no long-term contracts.

These plans are only available to customers 65 and over, so proof of ID may be required. Additionally, customers do not have to be SuperGold members to be eligible.


Plan Data Talk Voicemail Text Cost
(per month)*
Gold Basic 100mb Unlimited Spark & Landline – 50mins NZ Free 50 NZ $12.99
Gold Talker 500mb Unlimited NZ & Landline Free 500 NZ $22.99

Both these plans are fairly basic, so if you want a bit more, Spark does offer a discounted Gold endless data plan, for $69.99 a month, offering:

  • Endless data (Max speed data limits apply, then endless data at reduced speeds)
  • Unlimited calling to any NZ or AUS mobile or landline
  • Unlimited texts to any NZ or AUS mobile

However, when compared to Spark’s normal endless data plans, which start at just $59.99 per month for 12GB max speed data, the discount seems less attractive.



While 2degrees doesn’t have specific phone plans for seniors, they do offer discounts on their pay monthly plans. SuperGold members get a $5 discount on all pay monthly plans. 

Unlike Spark’s plans, these plans haven’t been catered to the perceived needs of seniors. These plans offer endless data*, which could be ideal for more tech-savvy SuperGold holders who love browsing online, downloading apps, and sending pictures.

Do note, unlike Spark, you must be a SuperGold member to be eligible for the SuperGold discounts.

*Max speed data limits apply, then endless data at reduced speeds.


Plan Data Talk Text Cost
(per month)*
Pay Monthly – 4GB 4GB max speed Unlimited NZ/OZ Unlimited NZ/OZ $40 $35
Pay Monthly – 12GB 12GB max speed Unlimited NZ/OZ Unlimited NZ/OZ $60 $55
Pay Monthly – 40GB 40GB max speed Unlimited NZ/OZ Unlimited NZ/OZ $80 $75

2degrees also offers SuperGold discounts on their Broadband! In addition to your $5 discount on Pay Monthly mobile plans, you get another $5 off Home Broadband or Rural Broadband plans. Sign up to both and you’ll be eligible for 2degrees’ $10 bundle discount to save $20 in total.

The current 2 Degrees broadband plans on offer are:


Plan Data Download speed Upload speed Fibre Cost
(per month)
(with a Pay Monthly plan)
120GB 120GB Up to 100Mbps Up to 20Mbps Yes $79 $74 $64
Unlimited Unlimited Up to 100Mbps Up to 20Mbps Yes $89 $84 $74
Ultimate Unlimited Unlimited Up to 900Mbps Up to 400Mbps Yes $106 $101 $91

Extra Value!

2degrees currently has some extra discounts available on some of their broadband plans. Sign up for either the Unlimited or Ultimate Unlimited broadband plan, on a 12-month term, and receive some bonus signing-on credit. To make things even sweeter, both these plans are currently being offered at discounted prices!

Check the details here!

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I don’t have a SuperGold card, how can I get one?

When you get your superannuation, the government will send your SuperGold card to you. So, in most cases, you shouldn’t need to apply for your SuperGold card. You do need to apply for the Superannuation benefit, however, which you can do up to 12 weeks before your 65th birthday. You can get more information here.

If you are not eligible for Superannuation, you may still be eligible for a SuperGold card if you are 65+ and a New Zealand resident. You can apply here.


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