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Vodafone Rewards: What’s the Deal?

Vodafone Rewards is a big deal, offering everything from movie and concert ticket packages to exclusive competitions. Check out what’s on offer with Canstar Blue.

Are you a Vodafone customer with an eye for a deal? If so, it could be worthwhile keeping tabs on the freebies available under the Vodafone Rewards loyalty program. From discounted movies, to early concert and events tickets access, plus an ongoing array of offers and competitions, Vodafone Rewards offers something for everyone, and adds up to extra value on top of your mobile plan.

Vodafone describes Vodafone Rewards as providing customers “exclusive offers and experiences”. It encompasses prizes, discounts, vouchers, tickets and other cool benefits. In the following guide, we cover:

Vodafone Roaming Plan

How to get started with Vodafone rewards?

Getting up and running with Vodafone Rewards is a straightforward process. All Vodafone broadband or mobile account holders are eligible to sign up for the program. Further information on eligibility is available via the Vodafone website.

Downloading the My Vodafone app is the easiest way to get started. You just need to register your Vodafone account and you’re away!

Customers can sign up for Vodafone Rewards by taking the following steps:

  • Download the app (for iOS or Android) via the links at the Vodafone Rewards webpage. Alternatively, you can text “MYVF” to 790 and a link will be sent to your phone, or search directly for the app via the App Store or Google Play
  • Once downloaded, you can create a My Vodafone account by choosing “Register now”
  • Once registered and signed into the app, you need to follow the instructions on screen to add your service, and then access and use Vodafone Rewards

Of course, it’s worthwhile contacting Vodafone directly if you have any specific queries with regard to Vodafone Rewards. You can get in touch by calling 0800 102 902 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm) or emailing



What deals are on offer?

Vodafone groups the different types of deals available for customers under Vodafone Rewards into three broad categories:

  1. Movies
  2. Presales and events
  3. Offers and competitions

As new movies hit cinemas, and upcoming events get slotted into the calendar, it’s worthwhile keeping an eye on the ongoing range of deals that Vodafone Rewards has on offer.


Under Vodafone Rewards, prices for movie tickets start from $11 to see a movie any day of the week. It’s $14 on Friday and Saturday nights after 5pm and public holidays (a $1 booking fee applies).

Further information on available titles and participating cinemas can be accessed via the Vodafone website and app. Customers need to purchase their tickets via My Vodafone.

Presales and events

This category is focused on upcoming events, providing customers early access to tickets to a range of concerts, festivals and other live events. Of course, as new events are announced, new deals are unveiled.

Offers and competitions

Encompasses different types of offers, such as two-for-one tickets, and a range of competitions. For instance, towards the end of last year, Vodafone entered a partnership with online shopping platform TheMarket, which gave customers a free subscription to TheMarket Club.

Check out Vodafone’s website for all the latest deals.



How Vodafone Rewards compares to Spark Music?

Of course, mobile and broadband providers often offer customers a range of extras, designed to complement their plans. These include offers such as sign-up incentives, bundle deals, bonus data, and music and video subscriptions.

Among comparable loyalty programs to Vodafone Rewards is Spark’s Spark Music. Spark Music is only open to Spark customers, and offers exclusive access to presale tickets, and the opportunity to enter competitions for a range of different events. It’s designed to compliment the free/discounted Spotify deals that accompany some of Spark’s mobile plans, and to appeal to music fans.

In addition, customers can sign up for a chance to get on the guest list at S @ Spark Arena. This is an exclusive hospitality suite for Spark customers at Spark Arena, in Auckland, which hosts a diverse range of events, from concerts to family shows.

You can get information on upcoming events by following Spark on Facebook and Instagram, or listening to Spark Weekly Radio on Spotify. Further information on Spark Music can be found here. 

Loyalty programs: what to keep in mind

While loyalty programs do provide extra benefits, they are far from freebies. For there are usually hidden costs involved, which are passed along to consumers as increased prices. As such, it’s always worth considering if the loyalty program on offer is really worth it. Will you make use of it and will it save you money in the long run?

When considering mobile phone plans, shop around to see if there’s a better deal on offer. For example, check-out what no-frills providers such as Skinny or 2degrees are offering. Always consider the real value being delivered, whether you’re interested in mobile phone rewards plans, electricity providers’ loyalty programs, or those offered by petrol retailers.

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