New Zealanders’ Top Car Picks: Why Kiwis Love Ford & Hyundai

Ford and Hyundai share the honours taking out Canstar Blue’s award for Most Satisfied Customers | New Cars 2020

It’s no wonder Kiwis appreciate a good car. More than half of New Zealanders’ total travel time is spent driving. Our rates of car ownership continue to rise, with at least 70 light vehicles for every 100 New Zealanders. And, according to Canstar’s Blue’s latest research, over three-quarters of us (77%) drive ourselves to work each day.

Given the time we all spend behind the wheel, it follows that purchasing a new car requires a lot of thought. It can be one of the most exciting purchases of our lives, as well as one of the most financially daunting. It’s certainly not a decision to be made lightly, with so many options and factors to consider before you even step foot in a dealership. But don’t worry, Canstar Blue is on hand to help drive your research.

As part of our mission to inform consumers of the best NZ has to offer, each year Canstar Blue canvasses the opinions of new car buyers, across a range of categories, to measure and track their satisfaction.

To decide which new car manufacturer offers the best level of customer satisfaction, each is rated across the following categories:

  • After Sale Service
  • Driving Experience
  • Point of Sale Service
  • Reliability
  • Value for Money

This year, coming out on top as joint winners are Ford and Hyundai. Each car brand earned a 5 Star satisfaction rating and put in a stellar performance across all drivers of satisfaction.

Ford earned 5 Stars in all categories, apart from After Sale Service, for which it was awarded 4 Stars. And Hyundai earned 5 Stars in all categories except Sale Service, for which it was awarded 4 Stars.

Kiwis want a car they can rely on

In our latest new car survey, Reliability (30%) came out on top as the number one driver of customer satisfaction. Unsurprisingly, after the expensive purchase of a new car, you’d expect not to have to worry about mechanical breakdowns and failed WOFs for a few years!

Not far behind, at 28%, the physical Driving Experience delivered by a new set of wheels is also a critical factor for consumers, followed by Value for Money, at 27%.


Safety first

Passengers are precious cargo, and 30% of those in our survey agree that safety features are the most important features of a new car. A further 34% say they always look up the ANCAP safety rating for their car.

But when buying a new car, costs are still vitally important. After safety, fuel efficiency (19%) and price (17%) rate as the most crucial features influencing the purchase of a new vehicle.

Kiwis’ thoughts on car insurance

Of our survey’s respondents, a huge 62% felt third party insurance should be compulsory. None of us want accidents to happen or issues with our vehicles to occur but, when they do, it’s a relief to know car insurance policies have our backs. In the unfortunate event of a road accident, insurance gives us peace of mind and softens the financial blow of costly repairs. For more information on car insurance and to compare providers free with Canstar click here.

If you’re considering purchasing a new car, why not let Canstar’s research  help. Hit the button below to read the full research!

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