Nicole Barratt

10 Quick Swaps For a More Eco-Friendly Household

Posted by March 9th 2020

Sadly, New Zealand ranks as one of the most wasteful nations in the developed world. In a 2018 study by the World Bank, Kiwis were named as the tenth most wasteful in terms of our …

10+ Tips to Save Fuel While Driving

Posted by March 6th 2020

Kiwis love to drive and, according to the AA, around 3.4 million of us hold a driver's licence. A recent survey conducted by AA Insurance found only 23% of Kiwis use public transport on a …

Heating costs

How to curb flatmates’ excessive electricity use

Posted by February 13th 2020

Approaching a flatmate about excessive power usage may be tricky, but often people just need a quick reminder and it’s an easy fix. Plus, the planet will thank you for it. Your flatmate leaves an air …