Nicole Barratt

Canstar Reveals Kiwis’ Favourite Smartphone Brand

Posted by June 4th 2020

There isn’t much a smartphone can’t do these days. Need a series to watch on your commute home? Download one. Lost in a city? Map your way out. Want high-quality holiday snaps? Use your phone …

9 Ways You’re Slowly Killing Your Appliances

Posted by June 19th 2020

They are habits to which it's easy to turn a blind eye, but there’s a reason why you shouldn’t let lint build up in your dryer, or stuff your freezer to capacity and beyond. By …

Telltale Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Home Appliances

Posted by May 15th 2020

There’s no universal life expectancy for a home's major appliances. Most will last between seven and 15 years. But even with regular maintenance, most appliances won’t function as they should past their lifespan. If you’ve …

Who is New Zealand’s Favourite Broadband Provider?

Posted by June 3rd 2020

Kiwis like to be connected. Be it streaming our latest Netflix addiction, simply scrolling on the web or curating the perfect playlist on Spotify, we are a nation of broadband munchers.  Our online habits have likely …

Top Tricks for Lighting Your Home

Posted by May 8th 2020

Lighting is an important part of any home's design, banishing darkness while adding atmosphere. But it’s an area of design we sometimes tend to overlook, as picking the right lighting designs and bulb types can …

How to Load Your Dishwasher the Right Way: Myths Busted

Posted by May 5th 2020

It’s something you likely do on the daily: load up your dishwasher with dirty cups and plates until it’s full enough to run. But ever wondered why some plates come out dirty or your wooden …

Saving Water

15 Creative Ways to Save on Water Bills This Winter

Posted by September 3rd 2020

Have you noticed a spike in your water usage recently? With the kids at home, maybe you’re giving the dishwasher an extra workout each day as the cups and plates pile up. Maybe you’re doing …