Simon Downes

Simon Downes is Canstar Blue’s resident media mogul. Having worked as a journalist in his native UK for six years, you’ll now find him chasing stories at the bottom of a pile of Canstar Blue research. Still trying to adjust to the heat of Brisbane, you’re more likely to find him at Suncorp Stadium than at the beach! But he’ll never understand Aussie Rules.

A guide to protein supplements

Posted by February 8th 2018

We all know protein is good for us, but how can you get more of it into your diet? Find out more at Canstar Blue.

skylight window in house

Dark room? Go sky high with a skylight

Posted by July 17th 2020

There are plenty of things to consider before buying a skylight – the cost, the type, the size and the position. Chris Godden explains.

What To Do If You’ve been burgled

Posted by August 23rd 2018

In the event of a burglary, it is important to take the following steps in order to make a claim from your insurance company and to ensure you recover emotionally.

How to check for tyre leaks

Posted by January 18th 2018

Accidents can and will happen, so it’s best to be prepared. David Basha gives his top tips on checking for tyre leaks.