Car Insurance

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Dashcams – do you use one?

Posted by September 22nd 2016

  Digital cameras, also known as dashcams, mounted inside the windscreen of your vehicle, have the potential to be a game changer on the road. That’s because they continuously record the view through the vehicle’s windscreen …

New Zealanders want uninsured drivers off their roads

Posted by November 9th 2017

A Canstar Blue survey has ‘lift the bonnet’ on New Zealanders’ car insurance habits, sending a clear message from people across the country that uninsured drivers and vehicles have no place on New Zealand roads. Eighty …

What types of car insurance can you get?

Posted by November 9th 2017

The concept of motor vehicle insurance is very simple, so we do our best to explains the ins and outs of this crucial product.

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Car Hit & Runs: Have you been a victim?

Posted by October 5th 2017

2 in 3 drivers have found their parked car damaged at some point, and in 86% of those cases, the person who caused the damage did not leave a note.