Mighty Ape wins Canstar Blue’s Most Satisfied Customers Award – Online Retailers 2020

Mighty Ape has been awarded Canstar Blue’s Most Satisfied Customers Award – Online Retailers

Whether it’s for last-minute birthday or Christmas shopping, or you just prefer to avoid getting elbow-jabbed by frantic shoppers in malls, using an online retailer certainly has its perks.

Online shopping spans the whole range of purchasing needs, from your everyday goods, such as toilet paper, to luxury items, like designer homewares. In fact, if you’re looking for a gift for the hard-to-buy-for, you can even buy niche products, such as a Donald Trump novelty eraser!

In New Zealand, shoppers are spoilt for choice when it comes to online shopping options. But here at Canstar, we wanted to know how those retailers were delivering in terms of customer service and satisfaction. So we asked 1541 Kiwi shoppers who had used an online store in the past 12 months to rate their experiences in a range of factors: speed of delivery, value for money, ease of site navigation, range of products on offer, range of brands on offer and overall satisfaction.

Online retailers: Mighty Ape swings into top place

From seven online retailers, Mighty Ape came out on top, awarded Canstar Blue’s Most Satisfied Customers – Online Retailers. You certainly aren’t short of product options on Mighty Ape, as its product range spans everything from electronics and beauty products, to clothing and food and drink. Mighty Ape also has a useful gift guide, with helpful suggestions if you’re buying for friends and family. Online shoppers are particularly pleased with the site’s speed of delivery and site navigation, rating the online retailer 5 stars in each of these categories. The wide range of products on Mighty Ape is also a hit with customers. The retailer received 4 stars for range of products and range of brands.

New Zealand shoppers are click-happy

According to Canstar Blue’s survey, the majority of respondents do about half or most of their shopping online: 16% do almost all their shopping online and 32% do about half of their shopping online. This compares with 42% of respondents who said they only occasionally shop online, and 10% who said they very rarely shop online.

Dressed for success: clothes are a boon for online retailers

So, which products are New Zealand shoppers most likely to add to their cart, then punch in their credit card or debit card details to purchase? If you guessed clothing, you’d be right. According to Canstar Blue’s survey, clothes are the most popular items bought online (59%), followed by health and beauty items (39%). And what are people least likely to buy online? According to respondents, only 14% say they buy their groceries online.

If you want to skip the queues and elbow jostles, then maybe using an online retailer is for you. And, because we’re feeling generous, we’ve a special promotion. OK, so it’s not a promotion, you can do this any time, but it sounds more exciting this way! If you want to see how online retailers compare, you can check out Canstar Blue’s survey results, for free, just follow the link below. Happy shopping!

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