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NZ’s Best Wireless Broadband Deals

Posted by March 8th 2021

Competition in the wireless broadband market is really hotting up. The big broadband providers are pushing wireless broadband because it means bigger profits for them, as they don't have to pay to provide their services …

NZ’s Favourite House Paint: Resene

Posted by March 5th 2021

If you’ve ever spent hours in the sun painting your home, you'll know the feeling of satisfaction that comes with finally putting down the brush, stepping back and admiring the result. Yes, you could pay …

NZ’s Top Home Furnishing Store Revealed: Guthrie Bowron

Posted by March 3rd 2021

Throws, side tables, rugs, couches, tables and chairs – they're all furnishings that can change the look and feel of a home dramatically. It’s simple to elevate any room with on-trend home décor, whether your …

Meal Kit Deliveries: NZ’s Top Pick is Bargain Box

Posted by February 26th 2021

No one likes a dull dinner after a long day. Or the dreaded planning and purchasing of weekday meals. That's why so many Kiwis are spicing up their culinary lives by using a meal kit …

NZ’s Top Online Retailers Revealed

Posted by February 24th 2021

New Zealanders’ love of online shopping increased dramatically over the past year. It appears that while we were confined to our homes during the pandemic, we enjoyed plenty of online retail therapy. A recent commerce …

Picking an Optometry Store in New Zealand: Who Kiwis Trust

Posted by February 19th 2021

More than half of New Zealanders use either prescription eyeglasses or contacts. Sight is something we often take for granted until we need specs, but thankfully these days there are plenty of styles to choose …

How to Save over $350 on Spark Broadband

Posted by February 2nd 2021

It's called the lazy tax – extra money you pay to utility and service providers because you can't be bothered to look for a better deal. But if you take the time to read the …