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NZ’s Cheapest Broadband Plans

Posted by July 12th 2022

If you’re on the hunt for a cheap broadband internet plan, what should you look out for? Compare providers with Canstar Blue.

How to Limit Heating and Electricity Costs This Winter

How to Limit Heating and Electricity Costs This Winter

Posted by April 26th 2022

As the cold sets in it's easy to run up the heating bill. So it's important to take what action you can to limit your heating expenses this winter and keep electricity costs down. Canstar goes …

choosing a phone plan nz's cheapest phone plans

Paying Too Much for Mobile? NZ’s Cheapest Phone Plans

Posted by April 1st 2022

Are you paying too much to use your mobile? Last year, a report by the Commerce Commission revealed that a quarter of Kiwis are paying too much, and not accessing the cheapest mobile phone plans …

PAK’nSAVE: Kiwis’ Favourite Supermarket

Posted by June 29th 2021

Where would we be without supermarkets? The convenience of having every food item imaginable (just about) within our reach is something we often take for granted. The first supermarkets in NZ appeared in the 1920s under …

New Zealand’s Favourite Power Provider: Powershop

Posted by June 29th 2021

The chill of morning frosts and the dampness of rain tell us winter has arrived. Wherever you are in the country, it’s likely you’ve noticed your power bills start to creep up. Of course, a …

A Complete Guide to NZ Streaming Services

Posted by May 25th 2021

Netflix Netflix is no newcomer in New Zealand, but the popular streaming service continuously adds new shows and movies to its platform. Netflix has built a reputation for creating entertaining originals, too, which keep fans hooked. …