Consumer News

New Zealand plastic bag ban shows up the Aussies

Posted by September 7th 2018

New Zealand has announced that it will ban single-use plastic bags over the next year in a move that looks set to put Australia to shame. “We’re phasing out single-use plastic bags so we can better …

Fibre rollout: What is Ultra-Fast Broadband Unbundling?

Posted by September 7th 2018

Ultra-Fast Broadband (UFB) “unbundling” has been in the news of late – and, as rollout of the fibre network continues around New Zealand, consumers may be wondering what this will ultimately mean when it comes …

Smart Meters Guide: How you can benefit

Posted by August 30th 2018

The number of New Zealand households with electricity smart meters has risen steadily over the past few years, paving the way for an evolving suite of retailer digital services and new types of tariffs, and …

Prepaid Power Explained

Posted by August 30th 2018

There is nothing worse than the shock of an unexpectedly large power bill. In fact, more than a third of Canstar Blue survey respondents (36%) said they worry about their power bills. Prepaid power is …

How to limit heating electricity costs this winter

Posted by August 23rd 2018

Winter not only brings with it the cold weather, but also the potential for heating electricity costs to skyrocket. There are, however, ways to limit electricity spend as the cold sets in, from ensuring your …

Peak Electricity Demand Explained

Posted by September 13th 2018

Energy efficiency should, of course, be a priority for households seeking to drive down their electricity costs, and using energy efficient products, along with paying particular attention to patterns of usage, will assist in reducing …