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Cheapest Mobile Phone Plans

Paying Too Much for Mobile? NZ’s Cheapest Mobile Plans

Posted by May 18th 2021

Are you paying too much to use your mobile? A new report by the Commerce Commission reveals that a quarter of Kiwis are paying too much, and not accessing the cheapest mobile plans to match …

A Complete Guide to NZ Streaming Services

Posted by May 25th 2021

Netflix Netflix is no newcomer in New Zealand, but the popular streaming service continuously adds new shows and movies to its platform. Netflix has built a reputation for creating entertaining originals, too, which keep fans hooked. …

What is NZ’s Best Dehumidifier? Mitsubishi! 

Posted by April 7th 2021

Dehumidifiers are relatively cheap to run, easy to use, and can save you plenty of discomfort. They’re not just for winter months, either. Throughout the year, a dehumidifier can tackle mould and damp by ridding …

What is NZ’s Best Online Liquor Store? Big Barrel

Posted by March 30th 2021

Here in Aotearoa the production and sale of alcohol is a multi-billion dollar industry. According to figures from Statistics New Zealand, 495m litres of alcoholic drinks were available for domestic consumption in 2020. As a …

NZ’s Top Flooring Retailer Revealed: Flooring Xtra

Posted by March 12th 2021

Has the time come to finally update that gorgeous '70s linoleum in the kitchen? Like windows and a front door, flooring's a universal and essential part of any home. And whether you’re after smooth wooden …

NZ’s Best Wireless Broadband Deals

Posted by March 8th 2021

Competition in the wireless broadband market is really hotting up. The big broadband providers are pushing wireless broadband because it means bigger profits for them, as they don't have to pay to provide their services …

NZ’s Favourite House Paint: Resene

Posted by March 5th 2021

If you’ve ever spent hours in the sun painting your home, you'll know the feeling of satisfaction that comes with finally putting down the brush, stepping back and admiring the result. Yes, you could pay …