Coloured Tyres used as plant holders

Recycling old or used car tyres

Posted by October 29th 2018

Millions of tyres are illegally dumped every year in New Zealand, which has adverse effects on the environment. Find out how to recycle your tyres responsibly.

tyre being held with gloves

A guide to fuel-efficient car tyres

Posted by October 29th 2018

Fuel-efficient tyres have a low rolling resistance, which means they minimise the amount of fuel required to move the car. But are they worth the cost?

How to check for tyre leaks

Posted by January 18th 2018

Accidents can and will happen, so it’s best to be prepared. David Basha gives his top tips on checking for tyre leaks.

Car being filled up with petrol

Which petrol should you use?

Posted by November 2nd 2018

There are a number of fuel types available at most fuel stations. So what are they and what's best for your car?