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Eating out, or eating in? We’ve compared a wide range of different food and drink brands for both inside and outside the home. We’ve also compared supermarkets in another category.

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Is honey good for you?

You may have heard that honey can heal your burns and cure your colds. But is that really true? Is honey just a sweet deception? Find out more at Canstar Blue.

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1 in 4 Kiwis say pies are their favourite comfort food

Best comfort foods: pies are near the top

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sugar and tea

I’m sweet enough: Kiwis cut back on sugar in tea

A quarter of New Zealanders are now turning down sugar in their tea due to rise in health consciousness.

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dip and corn chips

Are you a healthy or unhealthy dipper?

Dips go great with almost anything. Consumer research by Canstar Blue looks into exactly what we're having our dip with.

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7 celebrity pie recipes

If you’re looking for some simple and delicious pie recipes, then give these a try.

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