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Person with credit card online

4 tips to pay off your credit card

Posted by February 6th 2018

A credit card is a useful and easy form of personal debt. If you are one of the many who pay interest on your credit card, here's how to reduce costs.

Banking Habits Of New Zealanders

Posted by August 24th 2018

Each year we survey the banking habits of New Zealanders and level of customer satisfaction that banking customers experience. Here's a brief rundown.

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10 tips to reduce stress over money

Posted by August 24th 2018

Despite the relatively strong economy, money troubles continue to cause worry and stress for more than a third of New Zealanders.

Banking online: How much do we do?

Posted by November 9th 2017

Few Kiwis could now imagine a life without internet banking; waiting for the local bank branch to open, to deposit or withdraw cash? No way.