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Slingshot Broadband Review

Slingshot has been a player in the NZ broadband market since 2001. It’s now owned by Vocus, the same company that owns Orcon.


Slingshot offers a range of fixed and wireless broadband plans, plus great bundle savings:

ADSL/VDSL Broadband 150GB

  • $85/month
  • Average download of 9Mbps for ADSL
  • Average download speed of 36Mbps for VDSL
  • Automatic datablocks added when you reach your plan limit

ADSL/VDSL Broadband Unlimited

  • $89/month
  • Average download speed of 9Mbps for ADSL
  • Average download speed of 36Mbps for VDSL
  • $100 joining credit on a 12 month term

Wireless (300GB)

  • $55/month
  • Average download of 30Mbps

Wireless Unlimited

  • $60/month
  • Average download of 30Mbps

Fibre 150GB

  • $82/month
  • Average download speed of 312Mbps

Fibre Unlimited

  • $87/month
  • Average download speed of 312Mbps
  • $100 joining credit on a 12 month term

Fibre Unlimited Gigantic

  • $99/month
  • Average download speed of 872Mbps
  • $100 joining credit on a 12 month term


  • All plans, except fibre 150GB and ADSL/VDSL unlimited plans, available on pay weekly or fortnightly, at slightly different price points
  • BYO modem, or $5/month ($15 delivery fee) on fibre plans. Wireless includes modem ($15 delivery fee)
  • $250 joining credit on a 12-month term on Unlimited and Unlimited Gigantic plans when bundled with power
  • Add Slingshot power and mobile to save up to $40 a month on your broadband plan.

How does Slingshot broadband compare?

All plans are for 300/100Mbps with no home phone line. Unless indicated as an extra, all include a router, although a delivery fee can apply. It’s worth noting that most deals also include early termination fees, should you break your contract early. And many allow you to bring your own compatible router.

Broadband Provider Unlimited Broadband Deal
$ Per Month
2degrees* $64.67 (Includes current deal: 4 months free on 12-month contract)
($58 with 2degrees Pay Monthly mobile plan)
(Deal also includes 6-months Prime, worth $8/month.
Total saving over 12 months: $48, not included in above price.)
Standard price: $97/month
Modem shipping: $10
$68.75 (Includes current deal: 1 month free on 12-month contract)
($59.58 with $27 or above 4-weekly Skinny mobile plan)
Save further $5/month for 12 months for BYO modem.
Standard price: $75/month
Only offers broadband + power/gas bundles
Bundle deals only, no fixed term:
$70: broadband + power + gas
$75: broadband + power
Electric Kiwi
Only offers broadband + power bundles
$2.65/day (equivalent to $80.60/month)
(Current promotion of one month free
averages out to $73.89/month over 12 months)
Slingshot* $78.67 (Includes current promotion:
$100 joining credit on 12-month plan)
(Extra: $5/month modem rental)
Standard price: $87/month
One NZ* $85
($75 with One NZ pay monthly mobile plan)
(Extra: $4/month modem rental on 12-month plan)
Note: prices to increase by $6/month from 02/10/23
Sky Broadband Sky TV subscriber: $75 | Non-subscriber: $85
(Sky Starter Package, $25.99/month)
Current deal: $100 signing-on credit to 12-month contract,
equal to $76.67/month for first 12 months.
Nova Energy* $89 broadband only (no fixed term)
$69: broadband + power
Modem costs extra + shipping
Orcon* $97
Spark Modem extra $150,
or BYO on fibre plans
(Includes Standard Netflix worth $18.49/month,
equivalent to $78.51/month.
Plus McAfee Security Standard,
worth $4.95/month) (Extra: $106 router)

*$15 one-off modem delivery fee (Prices correct as of 07/08/23)

What’s the deal with Slingshot broadband?

Slingshot also offers home phone lines, a range of call packs and power-phone and insurance bundle deals:

  • Add power to your Slingshot broadband and save $20 per month on your broadband plan
  • Add power and a mobile plan to your Slingshot broadband and save $25 per month on your broadband plan
  • If you are a Slingshot Broadband customer, you’ll receive $5 off your mobile bill every month (or a proportion of that if you’re billed weekly or fortnightly) – for each mobile account you have with Slingshot.

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