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Slingshot Broadband Plans Review

Shopping around for a new internet plan can be a confusing process as there are lots of things to consider – not least your location and the type of broadband connection available. Slingshot has removed much of the guesswork involved as most connections command exactly the same price, which is useful for everyone, but especially good for those living in Dunedin (‘Gigatown’). The telco also has a range of bonuses and added extras to entice you over from your old provider, so let’s see what Slingshot has to offer and how it compares to other NZ broadband providers.

Slingshot Broadband Internet Plans

Data Price from Per Month
150GB $69.95
Unlimited $84.95
Unlimited Gigantic $99.95

Source: Slingshot website

Slingshot’s plans are deadly simple, with ADSL, VDSL and fibre 100 connections available all at the same price, with ‘gigantic’ 900Mbps plans available for an extra fee in select locations. So if your home is hooked up to fibre connections then you’re evidently getting some good bang for buck. Slingshot really entices you to move up to an unlimited data plan as it’s only $15 a month more than the 150GB plan. Is $15 good value for peace of mind and unadulterated downloading? For most people, the answer is probably yes.

  • ‘Homeline’ packs for an extra $5 a month where you get unlimited national calling anywhere in New Zealand
  • 1000 mobile minutes is an extra $15 a month
  • International packs are available from $10 a month
  • You can also get an EasyPhone handset for an extra $5 a month

Further to this, by purchasing a broadband plan, you also get access to discounted mobile phone plans to the tune of $5 off every month. Beyond that, if you sign up to a broadband plan you also get an AA Smartfuel discount card, which gives you 10c off per litre of fuel each month. If you sign up to a 24 month fibre plan, you’ll also get an included Chromecast streaming dongle.

  • If you move house, Slingshot also offers free installation of your broadband plan at your new location if your plan is on a 12 month contract

It’s evident that you get a few extra perks by signing up to Slingshot on a 12-month or longer contract. Let’s see how it stacks up against the competition.

How does Slingshot internet compare to other providers?

Slingshot is not the cheapest internet provider in New Zealand, but keep in mind the added perks and convenience of a 12 month contract. This is how prices compare to other providers.


(Naked Internet – no Homeline)

Price Per Month From

(Unlimited data)

Slingshot $84.95
Skinny $73
2 Degrees $85
Flip $69
Orcon $84.95
Spark $94.99
Vodafone $79.99

Source: Respective provider website

Slingshot overall compares pretty well against the competition, and offers exciting extras and bonuses to help entice you to switch over.

  • Another smaller provider, MyRepublic, also offers unlimited broadband for around $75 a month.

Slingshot largely does away with gimmicks and the hype, and instead just offers you straightforward unlimited broadband for around $85 a month. The fun doesn’t stop there, though, with a raft of bonuses and free devices to help it streak ahead of the pack.

  • Orcon does offer free Apple TV with one of its plans, however, which is a main competitor to Google Chromecast

And if you’re looking at a Slingshot mobile plan, buying a broadband plan will give you access to $5 discounts on any mobile plan, and this is a serious kicker.

In terms of call packs, Slingshot’s offerings are pretty standard, with the customary $5 extra for a Homeline offering pretty good overall value. Our Aussie cousins across the ditch don’t really get the same cheap home phone calling! Slingshot’s international packs (starting at just $10 with calls to Australia, UK, USA and the like) are also pretty good ‘bang for buck’ and are great if you’re an expat or needing to call overseas regularly.

Slingshot competes with the bigger guys extremely well with its straightforward price of around $85 a month for unlimited data. You may find yourself better off with Slingshot than with a cheaper – at face-value – plan from another provider, but it pays to do the maths on this one.

Is a Slingshot internet deal good value?

Slingshot competes in a pretty competitive market, with various companies offering bonuses and promotional prices. Slingshot’s straightforward approach to broadband plans seems to make it an attractive option, and depending on your internet connection, you could be getting great value as all connection types demand the same monthly prices.

While certainly not the cheapest out there at face value, over 24 months (or 12 months as is the norm with Slingshot) you may find it to be one of the cheaper ones overall. And with extras like Chromecast, mobile phone plan discounts and fuel card savings, the next time you’re looking for a new broadband plan, Slingshot might be worth a look into.

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