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What is Rocket Mobile?

Rocket Mobile’s phone plans deliver unlimited data at low prices. Canstar Blue reveals all you need to know about Rocket Mobile’s phone plans.

What is Rocket Mobile?

Rocket Mobile is a mobile-phone provider that offers a unique range of prepaid unlimited data plans that use One NZ’s mobile network:

Plan Data/Speed Talk/Text Hotspotting Cost (monthly)
Rocket Starter Unlimited: at 2Mbps Unlimited NZ/OZ 10GB $30
Rocket Unlimited: at 10Mbps Unlimited NZ/OZ 20GB $40
Rocket Plus Unlimited: at 40Mbps Unlimited NZ/OZ 20GB $45
Rocket Max (5G ready) Unlimited: no speed cap Unlimited NZ/OZ 40GB $70

What’s so special about Rocket Mobile’s unlimited data plans?

2degrees, Mighty Mobile, Nova, Spark, Skinny and One NZ each has endless data plans. However, only Mighty Mobile, One NZ and Spark offer truly endless data delivered at maximum data speeds, and then only on their most expensive plans, which cost between $80-$100 per month (before group discounts).

The majority of endless plans come with data caps. This means you only get a certain allocation of full-speed data. Once you hit your plan’s cap, data speeds are wound back quite dramatically, usually to around 1.2Mbps.

And while 1.2Mbps is fast enough for streaming music and surfing the internet, it’s not suitable for video streaming or video calling:

  • Netflix recommends a download speed of 3Mbps per stream for playing SD-quality TV shows and movies, 5Mbps for HD and 25Mbps for UHD
  • Skype recommends that HD video calling download/upload speeds are 1.5/1.5Mbps

What makes Rocket Mobile’s plans different is that the cheaper plans come with their max data speeds permanently capped, instead of their data limits:

  • Rocket Starter ($30): 2Mbps speed cap
  • Rocket ($40): 10Mbps speed cap
  • Rocket Plus ($45): 40Mbps speed cap
  • Rocket Max ($70): Max speed, no cap

This means that if you don’t use your phone to watch a lot of video, you can get an unlimited data plan suitable for you needs for just $30 per month. And all Rocket’s other plans are quite fast enough to watch Netflix in HD!

Indeed, as you can see from the average 4G speeds below, the Rocket Plus plan’s 40Mbps speed limit is pretty much what you can expect from One NZ’s 4G network anyway. So at just $45 per month, if you’re a heavy data user, it represents fantastic value for money.

And if you have access to 5G and can make the most of it, the Rocket Max plan, at $70 per month, is cheaper than similar standalone plans.

Average 4G download speeds

  • One: 42.6Mbps
  • Spark: 39.8Mbps
  • 2degrees: 33.8Mbps

Average 5G download speeds

  • 2 degrees 5G: 311.3Mbps
  • One 5G: 215.7Mbps
  • Spark 5G: 230.4Mbps

Figures according to Opensignal.

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