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The 5 five foods for luscious hair

Posted by October 5th 2017

Create radiant, thick and luscious hair by including the following foods in your diet on a consistent basis.

Symptoms of sunburn

Posted by December 21st 2017

You have most likely experienced sun burn before. So what causes sunburn and is there a cure?

Who are the country’s biggest sun tanners?

Posted by August 23rd 2018

Despite the well-known dangers, that's not enough to stop Kiwi's from getting out in the sun. Our survey reveals who is really soaking in the rays.

The symptoms of heat stroke

Posted by November 2nd 2018

Heatstroke is a potentially life-threatening condition. Here are the symptoms you need to be weary of with summer just around the corner.

4 skincare tips for summer

Posted by December 19th 2017

Summer can be harsh on our skin. So when the weather warms up, its time to change your skincare regime to keep your healthy looking skin.