Need a refill on your medication, or something to sooth the common cold? We’ve compared New Zealand pharmacy brands to get you at your best again.

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Most Satisfied Customers | Amcal

Amcal received a top rating of five stars for overall satisfaction for pharmacies, while Care Chemist and Unichem followed with four stars and Life Pharmacy and Radius Pharmacy received three.



Kiwis sought medical advice over the counter rather than from a GP

Nearly two thirds of New Zealanders sought out medical advice from their pharmacist instead of visiting their local doctor, our latest survey reveals. Older Kiwis were nearly ten percent more likely than Generation Y respondents to look to their pharmacist for health advice, and women were more likely to seek advice than men. Geographically, locals of Dunedin took advantage of the free medical advice at their local pharmacy more often than Kiwis from other cities. Based on our latest results, the recipient of our most satisfied customers award for pharmacies, Amcal, have shown they’re up to the task of taking care of Kiwis. The well-known pharmacy brand received five stars for various criteria including overall satisfaction, advice provided and availability of pharmacist (a rating they shared with Unichem). Care Chemist, Unichem, Life Pharmacy and Radius Pharmacy were also rated.

Our results also show that Kiwi customers have found ways to save money on their pharmacy purchases. More than one in ten chose to buy a portion of their pharmaceutical products online.

New Zealanders who aren’t careful with their medication can expose themselves to unnecessary harm, as an alarming 11% of respondents experienced an adverse reaction to their medication in the past year.

Canstar Blue commissions Colmar Brunton Australia to survey 2,500 New Zealand consumers across a range of categories every few months to measure and track customer satisfaction. The outcomes reported are the results from pharmacy customers within the survey group. To qualify, the customer has to have made a purchase from a pharmacy in the past 12 months.

Results are comparative and it should be noted that brands that received three stars have still achieved a satisfaction measure of at least six out of 10.

Overall satisfaction

Amcal received a top rating of five stars for overall satisfaction for pharmacies, while Care Chemist and Unichem followed with four stars and Life Pharmacy and Radius Pharmacy received three.


A competitive price can keep Kiwis coming back for more – so five star winner Care Chemist does not have a care in the world in that regard (although it does have one in their name). Amcal, Unichem, and Life Pharmacy all received four stars while Radius Pharmacy received three.


Shoppers who want the five star treatment should head to any one of the three pharmacy brands (Care Chemist, Amcal and Unichem) that received five stars for service. Both Life Pharmacy and Radius Pharmacy received four stars for this criteria.


Both Amcal and Unichem received five stars for their product range while Life Pharmacy received four stars. Radius Pharmacy and Care Chemist received a solid three stars.

Availability of pharmacist

Being able to easily speak to a pharmacist is a delight to anyone with common (or uncommon) ailments. Both Amcal and Unichem once again share a five star rating, this time for the availability of their pharmacists. Care Chemist received four stars for this criteria while Life Pharmacy and Radius Pharmacy received three stars.

Advice provided

Amcal walk away with five stars for the quality of the advice provided, while care Chemist and Unichem both take out four stars. Life Pharmacy and Radius Pharmacy both received three stars for their advice to Kiwi customers.

This information is not medical advice, and Canstar Blue is not making a recommendation or giving advice about medications or health related products. Always seek the advice of a doctor or pharmacist to find the right medication for you.

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